It’s been a busy few days, with an unscheduled trip to Toronto a whole day after returning from two weeks overseas. The nonsense that Mapleflot put me through seven days ago feels like it was seven years ago, and London is a surprisingly distant memory already. I’m fried, and feel like a truck hit me. Kind of like the feeling you get the morning after drinking the whole bottle of Tequila.


Between Thursday and Monday I logged just over 85 hours, and I’m feeling the effects now that my body realises it can relax a little. The experience was a lot better than it could have been, and I really enjoyed working with my clients (and their clients, too). Considering the preparation time and the scale of the project, it went better than anyone had any right to expect, with only a couple hiccups along the way. At the end of it all, everyone was happy, which was the important thing if I don’t consider my personal well-being 😉

Still, it was a situation that I didn’t appreciate being put into, and I intend to make good on the promise I made to myself and my company. I’m too old for this shit, really don’t enjoy it, and am smart enough to know that the effort really won’t help improve my situation in the long term. Cynical maybe, but experience tells me I’m right.

I’ve got the next three days off to catch up on sleep and everything that’s accumulated around the house over the last month. At some point we’re going out to celebrate brithdays long past, and hoo-boy does the grass need cutting. I’m also going to try and sneak in some quality time with the camera, and maybe even get out for a bike ride or two.

Rambling and babbling I am, but I am alive, and I’ll try and unscramble my brain and post something a little more cohesive later. My trip to London was good for me, and I’ve got a lot I want to commit to media.

For now, it’s time for a nap.

3 thoughts on “back

  1. Welcome back, stranger. Folks here were thinking about you and feeling bad about all your fcuking travels.

    And sending you strange text messages from their phones without any explanation whatsoever of who the hell they were…*cough* Way fun.

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