I’m actually looking the correct way when I cross the street.

I get the whole M&S thing.

I’m thinking the tube is one of the most intelligently executed subway systems I’ve been on (although it’s a little warm)

Spaniards know way too many songs, and are far too eager to sing them into the wee hours.

The embankment is a really nice place to be at 0630, but it’s not the same as the canal.

The coffee is hopeless, and there’s even less point in talking about decaf than there normally is (even the people in Starbucks look at you funny).

I am beginning to understand cricket.

It’s definitely time to come home. Unfortunately, my stay has been extended for an extra 3-4 days to certify something I’m not sure I can (I don’t understand it either, but I’ll do my best to help out). I don’t mind too much, because it means I’ll have the opportunity to sight-see, but it’s funny how you get your mind set on going home at a certain date, and when it changes, it’s a little deflating. It probably doesn’t help that the people I know here will all be out of town.

Ah well, I’ll take pics and have fun! Or find a pub. Or something.

2 thoughts on “help

  1. You should tell work that next time, you must pass the timing of the trip past your friends who are also in town!

  2. I’m not convinced that will fly very far, but will take it under advisement 🙂 Four more sleeps, and then it will be homeward bound.

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