bodum makes me happy, then sad


I purchased some of Bodum’s nifty double-walled glasses from the fine folks at Green Beanery last week. They are pretty darn cool, and each one has enough subtle imperfections from being hand-blown that they’re all unique. They work as advertised, and keep your drink nice and cool, with no condensation on the outside at all.

Unfortunately, they have one little flaw that I really hadn’t thought about until it bit me in the ass. The reason they look so cool is the air gap all the way around. Unfortunately, that air gap is just that, so there’s not a whole lot of strength at the bottom of the glass. I dropped a couple ice cubes in one yesterday, and it went right through the bottom. Ouch. I won’t do it again, but it was a bit of an expensive lesson to learn. In hindsight, it makes total sense, but getting one use out of a $12.00 glass is kinda painful.

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