running again

It’s been a while, but I’m finally running and exercising on a regular basis again. I’m a loooooong way from doing 20km Sunday runs on a regular basis again, but I’m getting there. Over the past month I’ve been cycling on a regular basis, stretching, and have started gym workouts again. My feet hurt still, but a big part of that is stretching underused muscles from piloting a desk, and sitting properly while I work. It’s getting there.

I have invested in a treadmill, as the ice in Ottawa continues to be an impediment, as well as an excuse. It’s a great piece of gear, and goes well with the semi-recumbant bike I use for cross training. Coupled with some core training and pilates/yoga-ish stretching, I’m starting to feel good again. I have a long way to go, though, and need to drop about 20 pounds to get back where I feel great. I’ll get there.

Sadly, I think my ultimate days are pretty much done. It’s not the game, it’s just my approach to the game. When I play, I forget that I don’t heal as fast as I did twenty years ago, and go at it with the same level of cement-headedness I did with everything else when I was 18. This has led to the tearing of my soleus, a severe strain of my lower back, and a severe sprain of my right ankle which did some ligament damage – all from playing the game. Because I can’t seem to tone it down, I’ll cut it out entirely.

I’m getting better/stronger, and that’s more important to me than playing a single game, because staying healthy will allow me to enjoy everything else I like to play. The weekly mileage is only 20km/week right now, but it’s a great start. 40-60km/week is in my near future, and that makes me happy.

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