the slanket

Tell me you don’t know someone who would love one of these. Don’t let the geek with the notebook throw you off, as I’m thinking sane people would use it for something other than surfing for… stuff. I can see several of the people I know using it to sip a beverage while becoming one with the couch. A little more practical, too.

P.S. to the folks who make The Slanket: Invite some pretty people over, and take their pictures with your product instead of you. The grimace of Mr. Ruby Wine as he ponders his book (and do you really use this for book reading?) and Mr. Limoges one-handed remote wielding while he FFs through the foreplay are not helping you sell anything. No, really.

9 thoughts on “the slanket

  1. Dude, they’re from Maine. Geographically, their access to pretty people for photo shoots is extremely limited. You should know this, you’re even farther North than they are!

    Cool blanket though…sorry, “slanket”.

  2. Maine has skyscrapers? Shee-it!

    I’ll concede your point, but have to wonder if even a subjective application of “pretty” wouldn’t make things an awful lot better. While we’re North, we gots pretty people… except for our politicians.

    Did all y’all know we’re in the middle of an election? Not much pretty there at all.

  3. My knowledge of the political landscape up there is mainly gleaned from PintDay. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, mainly because Evan is so anti-voting (for protest purposes) and I’m so pro-voting (for protest purposes). Think of it this way: at least you didn’t vote W in for two terms; talk about embarrassing. BTW: I think I have a new T-Shirt:

  4. Nice shirt. I have passed it along to some of your fellow country-folk. 🙂

    The interesting part about the vote/not vote issue i sthat it’s been addressed by Elections Canada in the past. One of the recommendations from 2002 was to allow for a “none of the above” vote to be registered and tabulated. I don’t know what it would do, other than validate the apathy that exists. How do you force the folks most interested in keeping the system rigged to change it?

    Oh, and damn straight on F.E.A.R.

  5. Mr. Helly: The difference between my protest anti-voting, and your protest voting, is that there is a legitimate small government party that runs in just about every American jurisdiction. In Canada, the libertarians only run in a handfull of ridings.

    Kev: Fleece is gross.

  6. Kev: Fleece is gross.

    Hey, I never said I’d buy one. Lots of people seem to like it, tho’.

  7. Must fight urge to comment …. ah what the hell. Why don’t they just rename this product as a “Wanket” and get it over with?

  8. But you can touch me, pri pri…

    That’s a damn fine point, Mr. Evan. Legitimate is a good word, unfortunately “Snowball’s chance in Hell” generally describes their chances.

    Kev: Wouldn’t it be funny if we pulled off a “Brewster’s Millions” and got a “None of the Above” campaign to work? But, as you say, the entrenched interests aren’t about to give up their nice, heavily rigged system.

    Hey! Someone read my F.E.A.R. review! w00t!

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