game on! car… err… truck!!!

Since we’re about to get bombarded with a whole bunch of promises that’ll never be kept, here’s a little election humour to kick things off:

A company of Canadian troops were on patrol north of Khandahar and came upon a Taliban insurgent badly injured and unconscious. Nearby, on the opposite side of the road was a Canadian soldier in a similar but less serious condition. The soldier was conscious and alert. As first aid was given to both men, the soldier was asked what had happened.

The soldier reported: “I was heavily armed and moving north along this highway and coming south was that heavily armed Taliban insurgent. We saw each other and immediately took cover. I called out to him that Osama bin Laden was a miserable low-life, scumbag, and he yelled back that Paul Martin was a rich, good-for-nothing, lying, Liberal windbag and a thief.”

“We were standing there shaking hands when a truck hit us.”

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