more google fun

While I was looking for the correct spelling of Hanukkah earlier, I noticed that Google has added a decorative touch to certain searches. Normally the vertical line between search results on the left and ads on the right is thin and blue. On certain keywords, however, the line is replaced with a graphic divider.

Search on Chanukah or Hanukkah and you get white candles from the menorah.

Search on Christmas and you get a candy cane border.

Search on Kwanzaa and you get red, black, and green candles.

A little touch, but it’s kinda cool.

Update: Just so you know I’m not completely crazy, here’s screenies of the Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa searches with the results described. A few folks have mentioned they still see the thin blue line.

3 thoughts on “more google fun

  1. Look at you, Mr. google-is-special-for-me.

    I have to suffer with a plain old blue line,too.

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