a kick-ass weekend

Thanks very much to Axe, Grrl, Ryan, Shan, and the supporting cast for a great couple of days on the left coast. I took advantage of being out in Oakland on a ticket that gave me some latitude in stop-overs, and stopped off in Vancouver for the weekend. It was something I desperately needed, and may have referred to in the past. There was beer in multiple places, a most-excellent brunch at Burgoo, disc golf, excellent conversation, a gramma belting tunes out at karaoke night at the Legion, meeting some folks I had only met online (excellent banana chocolate muffins, too!), a great group of kids, and level 50.

There was also a dinner at Fiddlehead Joe’s, and I will recommend against going here if you’re so inclined. Pink-in-the-middle chicken, a signature soup that tasted like salt, and a clueless server leads me to give it a thumbs down. The conversation and company were excellent, though, and more than made up for the locale. It also let us sample a bottle of Mad Dogs & Englishmen, which was a nice, fruity wine that would go very well with red meats.

A great weekend, and my thanks to all, especially Axe, for putting up with me for the weekend.

One thought on “a kick-ass weekend

  1. Good times, good times, come back soon. I too was disappointed by Fiddlehead Joe’s which seems to have been compromised by its own success. Sorry Kev. I had really wanted you to have a great meal in our good food city.

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