i knew he was in there somewhere

While most of the US knows him as “John Roberts”, it’s nice to see that he still has a little JD left in him.

3 thoughts on “i knew he was in there somewhere

  1. People amaze me.

    How is “sloppy seconds” sexist?
    How is “sloppy seconds” mysogynist?

    How is it even offensive?

    Oh right. It might make people think about SEX for a minute, and that is bad.

  2. I suppose it depends on how active your right brain is, and how far you take the visualization. It’s not a pretty visual, but I think the sentiment hits it bang on. I also think it got as much press/commentary as it did only because not a whole lot else comes out of the Press Secretary’s conferences.

    And Sex is only bad if you think about it in public. 🙂

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