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So I was finishing off my day, and decided to read kj’s blog. Understand that I feel like a character in some alternate, older, Judy Blume universe these days because of a lot of things I won’t get into, but was having a decent day. Then I read kj’s post.

It’s nice to know that I’m officially “creepy old”, which kinda opened some sluices in my mind.


I got censored. And I’m feeling like shit because of the giftof a cold my nephew probably gave me. And I’m tired. And I’m fat. And I forgot to eat dinner. And the fucking delivery men stripped the threads of one of the legs on my brand new couch. And I wanted to play ulty and run but can’t because my foot hurts so much I can’t walk properly, which in turn is screwing up my knee. And I don’t want to hear about Christmas. And I wish the fine, upstanding students who covered my driveway with broken glass at 4am this morning would hurry the hell up and flunk out. And I don’t understand why the only person who knows how to fix the self-serve cashes at home despot is operating a till at the other end of the store. And yes I was pissed when I got stood up last week by a good friend, and I still am a little. And of course every coffee table I saw in the catalog this weekend that I liked was discontinued.

And… and… and… it’s been that kinda day, and there was nary a beer to be had. I tried to rectify that, but was thwarted by the hordes of Asians filling up the parking lot trying to get to the new uber ethnic grocery that shares a parking lot with the Beer Store I was trying to get to, to the point the lot was impassable… I then understood it was time to sit on the couch and watch tv, which I did.

At least I finished painting my living room.

4 thoughts on “creepy old eastie

  1. My brother-in-law said the same thing last night.

    I pointed out that if he was to hit on a 17-year-old, he *would* be creepy old.

    If you ask me, it’s more like “creepy young.” I mean, she actually had a prepared answer!

  2. _creepy_ old.. is when ur old..however, u act like you’re still young.. but young as if still in ur era.

    what was cool in one’s childhood is no longer cool with today’s youth. hence, creepy!

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