a fitting finish

I admit, I’d giggle a fair bit ifthis rumour turns out to be true. When Tommy Hilfiger first started out, he had an awesome product. It was a domestically-made, high quality (I still have two from 18 or so years ago), reasonably – but not cheaply – priced product line, and came in a wide variety of colours and patterns. The logo was an afterthought, and stars and stripes were not incorporated into 50% of the available patterns.

Boy how times changed. Now, the knock-offs you find on Canal Street are better quality, everything has “TOMMY” and the tri-colour logo emblazoned on it, and I’m not sure what kind of acid the designers are hitting, but it ain’t good. Oh, and the $80-140/shirt just ain’t worth it (to say nothing of the $30 underwear and socks).

The product is nothing but advertising, and it’d be nice to see Wal-Mart buy the name up and put it where it really belongs.

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