owie, owie, owie

I keep meaning to update, really. No, I mean it. Honest.

Sometimes things get in the way. This week it’s been a complete lack of motivation. I’m having a really hard time getting anything down on paper, whether it’s work, blogs, or schoolwork. I think it’s just one of those things, and it’s starting to pass. I also think it may be because I have two testplans to finish, and I hate writing testplans. There’s a couple other reasons I can think of, but the testplans are more than likely the culprit.

Walking down stairs has been fun the last couple of days. I played in my first and second ultimate games on Sunday and Tuesday, and ran on Saturday and Wednesday. My ankles are complaining just a little bit, as are my quads. Seems ultimate involves a completely different set of muscles than running. I knew this already, I just didn’t expect or need such a vivid reminder.

The games have been fun, with a close (13-15) loss on Sunday, and a closer than it had any right to be (15-11) win on Tuesday. It’s good to be back with the ‘toads, and I felt a lot better during the Tuesday game. I’ve taken it down a notch so I don’t kill myself, and hope to keep it that way.

Still, I’m sore, and old, and find myself wishing for the recuperative powers of when I was 12.

Running is going well, too, and I’m running 30-35km per week now. That’ll increase by about 5km every two weeks between now and the end of November, where I should be in really good shape for Seattle. Still have the plantars, but it’s not as intense, and I stretch using a swiss ball twice a day now. I’m getting there.

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