a running we will go

Ok, that was fucking awesome. Pardon the expletive, but it’s been a looong few months since I’ve been able to run like I want to, and tonight I ran like I wanted to. I’ve been doing nothing but six and ones for the past couple weeks, and was going to wait until the end of the month to link up with the Wed night crew. I really wanted to go running with them, though, so showed up for the fun.

I let everyone know I was going to be sucking wind, and would probably fall behind a couple kilometres in. It didn’t happen. I think they may have slowed a little for me, but I manged to keep up for the whole run, and didn’t feel like crap afterwards. It was only a 7km run, there were just two very brief stretching/walking breaks, and we managed to keep a 6:30min/km pace (including the breaks). The pace was nothing to brag about, but it didn’t exactly suck, either.

In any event, I finished the route with my friends, and it made me feel like I was going to be able to get back on the horse and stay on. I didn’t feel I was pushing myself, and nothing hurts (too much).

A sigh of a relief was heard around these parts tonight.

Actually, there were two. The first came from Pierre when my HRM started beeping like crazy because my heart rate was above 167, he asked if I was going to die or explode and, after thinking about it for a sec, I said “no”.

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