On coop’s recommendation, I gave the local Freecycle group a try. I had a couple things that I didn’t expect to get any money for, and were taking up space, so made them available on the groups. All the items found new homes within 24 hours, and two of the three folks wrote follow-ups, which was nice.

The process was dead easy, and my one (very minor) complaint is that people are great about reading “offer” posts, not so great about reading the “taken” posts. Either that, or they respond immediately to the offer and then read the rest of the list. Again, a minor nit, and I’m glad things found a new home outside of the trash pile so quickly.

One thought on “freecycle

  1. I’m 1 for 1 myself. Just offloaded an old futon frame (my “test” item). Open the floodgates! Let the free KjellKjit flow!

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