kicking and screaming

Tonight marks day two in my quest to get back into the running form I had right before I started ultimate last summer, which effectively killed my running long distances (I got hurt in the first game of the year, and was injury prone for the following 6 months). I’m planning on running the Prince Edward County half marathon with the Wed night crowd in October, and the Seattle Marathon eight weeks later as part of a vacation jaunt out West. I’m starting slow, with 4-6km runs and will build my distance from there. Of course, I am picking the worst time to do it.

Yesterday was hot and humid in Ottawa, but I completed my run in spite of it. I got a bit of heat rash and a blister in the process, but the net result felt really good, especially after stretching for 20 minutes. Tonight was a little different, in that I’m in Denver and it was 36 degrees outside (but only 15% humidity). The extra 5,300 feet of altitude doesn’t help at all, but I toughed it out and despite feeling just a little wrecked (fatigue-wise), it’s all good.

I’m sore, I’m tired, but I feel pretty positive about the whole thing. Tomorrow will be a gym workout to bring the top half back into line, too. I can do this, and I’ll return to my fun runs where I get a great workout by the end of the summer. The plan is to run a 1:50 half, and a 4:00 full. Stay tuned.

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