happy canada day!

On the anniversary of our wee nation’s birth, we pull out the flags and the red and white clothing. It’s kinda like Christmas lights, but they come down almost as fast as they go up. Ottawa is the the place for a party, and a couple hundred thousand people head downtown to take in some bands, some chicken, and a wee bit of flag waving. It’s a good time, and one I haven’t participated in for way too long.

My university roommate and friend Sam was visiting Canada (she moved to Australia three years ago) with her husband, and they came to visit. Ian’s from the UK, and likes pubs about as much as I do, which meant that beer was definitely on the agenda. They arrived from Montreal at around 11am, and after a beer at home we headed out for food to be followed shortly thereafter by a day of drinking and celebrating.

We went through the market, stopping at four pubs along the way to Parliament Hill, down Elgin and Bank Street to the football game (stopping at two pubs along the way), and then back up to the Hill again for fireworks (stopping at another pub), and then home (attempting to stop at a pub, but settling for a whisky at home). The day was awesome.

I also won’t make fun of the gang across the pond for drinking Vodka Red Bulls any more. They kinda saved the day, and were tasty to boot! I must do this again next year. The full set of pics are here.

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