coors country

Someday I’ll learn, but most of the people I know are betting against it. After talking to a couple of folks last night, I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 21:30. I had a 6am flight this morning, and hadn’t packed. I went to bed anyways, and woke up sometime around 02:45 and was unable to sleep that extra thirty minutes. SHoulda packed last night, then I could have slept in ’til 4am.

The flights out were decent, and both Mapleflot and Untied are running RJs for flights of 2.5 hours, which kinda surprised me until I remembered who they were. The only bump in the travel was a surly Border Protection officer in Winnepeg who was convinced I had multiple employers in the US. Oh, and the $1.50 for a lukewarm, watered down, instant decaf in the international terminal.

I also got to see a side of Denver I wasn’t expecting to (the West side). I missed a turnoff because the directions I had listed a junction that didn’t exist. Oops. After having been burned by Google Maps a couple times, I think I’ll go back to Mapquest.

In any event, I didn’t get enough sleep, have been up too long and the day’s only 2/3 done, and wish I hadn’t given up caffeine.

On the plus side: it’s sunny out, the clients are cool folks, and I understand what the project is and what needs to be done. I’m also hoping to meet up with one of my old directors, and maybe one of the old GlobixMail team.

Oh, and project work. Can’t forget about that, as it is why I’m here.

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