lunch with the kealeys

Ange, Matt, Kieran, and Guinness are in town this week as part of Ange’s trip back to take her verbal internal medicine exam. This is the one that is like being put in a pressure cooker, while your head is placed in a vice and holes are drilled in your toes and filled with turpentine. I can understand it, I want people to be sure that the folsk being tested can deal with having someone’s life in their hands.

She passed, and spent a few days relaxing and they’re now visiting with a few folks. Today, the folk at lunch was me, and the whole Kealey family came to visit (Ange is my sister, in case you’re wondering who the hell I’m talking about). They broughtspicy meat and pickled eggplant on focaccia sammiches from La Bottega, along with some Orangina to wash it down. It was fantastic.

We got to shoot the breeze for a couple hours, and I got to hang with Kieran for a bit. He’s grown quite a bit since Christmas, and is quite the cutie with the perma-smile. Matt is obviously enjoying fatherhood, and everyone is doing well. We hung on the balcony, and snapped some pics while we enjoyed the 28-degree weather.

It was great to see them, I was sorry they had to leave.

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