first q(!)

Tonight marked the first BBQ at the new pad. It was seventeen degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and no wind. The sun was setting, and it was just a perfect eve for a q.

I made a maple-ginger-beer marinade for some chicken breasts, and prepared some steamed broccoli with lemon butter and some “special” baked potatoes. To accompany dinner, I had a Calama Merlot (from Chile, only $9.60 at the LCBO) which was excellent. I sat on my deck and just kinda took everything in. People were out on the streets, neighbours were BBQ-ing, kids were two-wheeling. It was peaceful, it was comfortable, it was good.

This is why I moved.

2 thoughts on “first q(!)

  1. oh boy. 3 story town house, with basement?

    Did you rent or buy?

    How much do you……..err on second thought, I don’t want to know. There’s a chance I pay more for rent for my 1 bedroom 850 sq ft. apartment than you do for this guy a month if you do rent. So I don’t wanna know.

    So umm
    How much?

    That place looks super magnicificent 100% exciting awesome. Reminds of the town house I lived in for one year in Allentown.

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