the pilgrim brewer

Evan is one of the folks who make up His writing style is humorous, and I wish I had one-tenth of his style and flair. Even if you don’t agree with everything he writes-which is pretty much guaranteed-you will enjoy reading it.

For the last little while, Ev’s been completing the Architecture program at Dal. We’re not sure why, but I understand it has something to do with tech being a dead end. He’s posted his thesis online, and it’s a great read. He weaves the history of beer with folklore, and puts forth a pretty compelling argument to turn breweries into something that match the history and message brewers give when they talk about their craft.

It provides some interesting insight into the process, and provides his view of how you’d meld the craft and the community the craft is performed in without losing either of the two. It’s the first time I’ve ever read an architectural document of any kind, and it covers a lot of ground on the thought process behind a design project. It also involves beer, so it’s hard to wrong with that in my books.

A good read. Recommended. No, really, I’m saying this about a thesis.

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  1. For some reason, I just knew I’d hear from you on this. 🙂

    I did read it, I just got really, really lost while reading it, even though you have explained pseudosquares to me before. I think I understood ev’s because he had pretty pictures throughout. Nothing like bringing it down to a knuckle dragger like me.

    If you can explain to me what it means in plain english, I will certainly try again 🙂

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