daft copy control no more

For the past year or so, I’ve been boycotting EMI Music. They introduced an annoying copy protection scheme whose only “protection” seemed to be to not work in my car’s CD player. They’ve been agressive, and have included this new feature on pretty much everything released in Canada.

EMI has a lot of artists I like, and it’s been a bit of a cheese-off seeing that annying logo on pretty much anything I’d like to buy. I’ve written them about it, and never received a response, and I figured they’d go on their merry way using tools that don’t prevent anyone who can use google to find out how to hold the shift key down, or grab a ripper that reads the real TOC.

Today I received a pleasant surprise – Daft Punk’s newest release doesn’t incorporate any copy protection technologies here. Our friends in Australia aren’t so lucky, though. I’m wondering if this marks a shift in policy, an experiment, or a reaction to litigation in countries where the copyright law is sane.

In any event, no copy protection, and a decent CD. EMI, keep ’em coming this way, and I’ll go back to buying from your catalog.

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