a ridiculous amount of time later

Today was supposed to be packing day for the move to the new digs on Thursday. It didn’t happen, and I hate being sick. Ah well, these things happen, so the day was used for the forces of good battling the forces of evil. To assist me with that, I finally finished Halo 2 (I had been sitting at the last mission for about 4 months). I know it’s been written about ad nauseum, but I really wasn’t prepared for the abrupt ending, and now I understand why so many people felt cheated.

The final “battle” was over in about 30 seconds, and it was a bit of a fluke on my part. If you’re ever wearing a shield generator, remember that it shields both ways. This is important if a plasma grenade becomes attached to your leg, because it’ll direct the blast back in. I tell you, the practical things I learn playing games.

So that’s my big news. Six months later, I finish Halo 2. I got Burnout 3 three months after Halo 2, and finished it a month sooner. Ah well, at least I’m finishing games, which is a little different than in the past.

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