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So I worked in a bar for seven years doing a combination of bouncing, bartending, and managing (more like assistant managing, but whatever). It was actually a couple bars, because I worked for CUSA Liquor Ops, working at Oliver’s and Roosters. Back then Roosters served booze, and Ollie’s looked something like an elementary school gym with beer taps.

World Famous Wednesdays was our big night, as everyone went to real bars Thursday through Saturday. Our legal limit was 749 in the winter, and around 1,100 with the patio in the summer. We’d typically pack the place with around 1,500-2,000, and would pull in $35,000 in sales. This was when beers were $2.75, and drafts were $2.25. For those doing the math, it was an incredible amount of booze: 250-odd cases of bottles, 15 kegs, a case of long island mix, and a case of rye.

It was a lot of fun, and we had Steve from Canadian DJs in every Wed to spin tunes. The sound system, while not a sonic showcase, was loud. The place would shake from the bass, and we had four immense towers with a large bass box and 8 x 15″ woofers (in each tower). They were driven by about 2500W worth of Pyramid amps. Loud, loud, loud.

The tunes were decent, and there was one mix I really enjoyed, but could never remember what it was or who performed it. Today I was listening to one of the Radio Soulwax shows, and the song turned up in the mix. After hearing a few of the samples, I Googled and discovered said song was “Beat Dis” by Bomb the Bass. A little searching later, and I have the track.

It’s surprising how happy it makes me. I’ve wanted to pick it up for the better part of 10 years, I just didn’t know what it was called.

Tonight, I managed to shake the house with it a little.

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  1. Glad you posted that; I’ve got Beat Dis on CD and, after a quick check, noticed I had overlooked ripping it to my MP3 collection. Oversite corrected, thanks…

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