just about ready to go…

…one more game, and gopher‘s boys will kick off March Madness as the number one seed. A win tomorrow will give them an undefeated regular season, as well as a probable unanimous #1 seed in the tournament.

No team has has finished the season undefeated and won the NCAA tournament since the 1976 Indiana squad. Here’s hoping the Illini break that streak this year (and I don’t care what the bookies say, UNC aint gonna make it).

Go Illini!

Update: In a textbook definition of the word “choke” as it applies to blowing a game, the Illini failed to score a single point in the last 3:23 of the second half and lost 65-64 to Ohio State. They’ll still be seeded number one, but Dee Brown was clearly thrown off his game by the crowd, and it makes you worry a little bit about how he’ll perform when the pressure is really on during single elimination play.

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