covering cyndi

So after reading grrl‘s latest challenge, I got to wondering how many covers of (what I believe to be) the song in question there were. I used my favourite resource, and discovered the artist’s website actually tracks who’s covered what songs commercially. The answer to my question stunned me: ninety-two. Then I thought about it, and it is a damn good song. I’d like to hear Matchbox 20’s version, but am not willing to buy a DVD just to listen to the cover.

That’s a lot of covers, and those are the ones she knows about. There’s some interesting bits in there, and a lot of the covers are notations on bands who performed her stuff in concerts. The one I think I’d like to hear is A New Found Glory’s cover of “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” (seriously).

Now, if I could only get my head around the logo game.

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