oh… that’s not good

Bad start to the week So here’s a picture of my neighbour’s garbage from this morning. I’m figuring he is not having a good week so far, as this was put out last night, which for the slow people out there was one day after Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know about you, but there are very few happy people I know who would pitch what appears to be a dozen long-stemmed after only one day. It always amazes me how much information you can infer just by looking at the trash. Of course, I may be completely off-base, but with the snow it’s a pretty depressing picture.

Speaking of the snow, we’re due for 4-6 inches of wet snow. I’m glad I don’t have to drive to work.

6 thoughts on “oh… that’s not good

  1. I suppose, but it’s still doesn’t look like a good time. It’s also a potential explanation for why I haven’t seen his girlfriend around a whole lot, lately. It’s too bad, they did look nice, even in the garbage can.

  2. Ok, now I understand. I was trying to figure out why having the flowers was a good thing. Yoish I’m thick sometimes. Must be that Y chromosome, or something like that.

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