let’s try this again

It’s been a really long time since I’ve taken any vacation which didn’t involve Ottawa as a destination or the place I spent the majority of said vacation. The primary reasons for this have been school and work. When I was in school, I was broke, so didn’t go anywhere other than a car camping trip on the weekend. When I was working, I was either too involved in the work to come up for air, spent so much time travelling that the last thing I wanted to do for vacances was go anywhere, or spent vacation time coming home to visit friends and family.

I have been taking time off a little more over the past couple years, and I guess it’s as good as time as any to take a trip somewhere that doesn’t involve work or visiting family at home. To that end, I’m taking my first “real” vacation since I went to the Magic Kingdom in grade eight. (no, I am not going to calculate or state how many years that’s been) I’ve already bought my tickets, so if there are any pools on whether I’m actually going to make it, bear that in mind.

I’m going to Scotland for a week and a bit to visit with McK, tour some distilleries, see some castles and museums, run on the wrong side of the road and attempt to avoid being killed while crossing the street, get the hell out of Ottawa for a bit, and see some places I haven’t seen before. I’ll be going at the end of March, which some folks have mentioned is perhaps not the best time of year to visit that part of the world, but it’s more about seeing people, places, and things. Besides – how many people have you heard of going to the UK to sunbathe?

I’m really looking forward to it. Eight weeks seems pretty far away, but I’m sure it’ll fly by with the new job and everything else that’s going on.

Note to Stevo: Monkeys are not indigenous to Scotland.

4 thoughts on “let’s try this again

  1. actually, I really enjoyed scotland in March. Waaaayyy warmer than in Ottawa, I might add. The flowers are coming out, hills are covered in blooms. Little lambs leaping. Baby chicks peeping. And besides, when it starts to drizzle, you just head to the pub down the street. Doesn’t really matter which one.

  2. You know, I was just going to mention gamboling lambs that I’ve been *so* looking forward to seeing!!!

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