I miss my spam

I tweaked dspam two days ago, and am currently enjoying a spam filtering rate of around 97%. My mailbox hasn’t been this quiet in years. I receive around 50 legitimate messages a day, but I’m used to around 400-500 total per day. DSPAM is now doing it’s job fairly effectively. I’m surprised, because it didn’t look good there for a while.

I miss my spam, because I’m used to Tbird screaming “INCOMING!!!” every 5-10 minutes. Now that most of my spam is being stopped at the border, it’s very quiet. It’ll take a little getting used to.

Update: There was zero spam in my mailbox this morning. That’s the first time in years that that’s happened. Normally I get 80-200 spams while I sleep. I’m impressed, and will be tweaking everyone’s settings in a an attempt to get the same kind of hit rates for everyone else.

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