well, that was exciting

Today I proved that I can wake up at 05:20, pack, drive to the airport, shave (while driving to the airport), grab a coffee, and make a 06:15 flight. I also think I set a personal best this morning for number of times using the word “fuck” before 06:00. That said, I made it to Toronto on-time and in one piece, just a little more disheveled than normal (which is kinda scary, but that’s life).

Note to self: Setting the alarm is step one. Turning the alarm on is step two, and is at least as important as step one.

5 thoughts on “well, that was exciting

  1. I don’t believe you. Do it again and PROVE it. >:-)

    (I always put 2 alarms on, and am invariable awake 15 minutes before the alarm.)

  2. i never use alarms.

    and im invariably 15 minutes too late for those early wake ups 🙂

  3. Step 3: Recognize there exists a distinct difference between little red “PM” light being ON, and little red “PM” light being off on said clock radio.

  4. Prii, you never get up before 10am – what the hell would you need an alarm for?

    kj, it’s in 24hr format. I’m kinda silly that way.

    j, not on your life. Today was almost the third time I missed a flight, and I try to limit the occurence of that kind of thing to once every five years.

  5. You grow more like your father every day 🙂 except your expletives are nicer.
    Bet it won’t happen again after “it” happens!

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