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Eif. I think I know what I’m doing with a significant portion of my life for the next little while. Burnout3 is the most entertaining game I’ve played in a long while. Remember when you were little, and you got the Hot Wheels out and play-crashed huge wrecks? That’s the name of the game. Race and wreck; finish first, but take out the competition as often as possible.

Impact Time is awesome. Every time you take out an opponent, you’re treated to a slow-mo replay of your competitor’s demise. It doesn’t take a thing away from the race you’re in, which is pretty impressive since you’re going at a ridiculous speed and can pick right back up where you left off. Amazing.

I have never, ever played a racing game where you feel like you’re going Warp 9 (including the Wipeout, Pod Racer, F-Zero, Ridge Racer, and any other racing genre game). It’s sucking me in, and I’ll post a more substantive review a little later.

This game has been out since September of last year, and pretty much everyone has given it high rankings. I suppose I should pay more attention, as it’s a great way to spend a -30 day.

3 thoughts on “burnout 3

  1. Totally agree.. this game rocks. Wait until you get the Fire Engine for some really high scoring crashes. The SuperCar is unreal too..

  2. Yeah, good game. I got it to about the point where all you have are the F1 cars, and goddam they are hard to drive. It seems head and shoulders harder than anything else in the game.

    I kind of wish they’d added hidden tracks, bonuses for going into special areas during crashes, etc., but basically the game is pretty plane jane wrt those features.

    I wonder if the speed perception factor is just due to the motion blur effects?

  3. But I still have, like, 200 hours of GTA gameplay ahead of me before I can start a new one…

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