sorry about that

So, I’ve been busy. A casualty of being busy has been this place. Apparently, people have been noticing this; my apologies.

Life is good. Heck, life is great. Every aspect of it seems to be taking a turn for the better. Four weeks ago I was gearing up for another shitty holiday season where I would let myself get down and would spend the entire time in woe-is-me mode.

It didn’t happen.

I had an amazing Christmas and holiday. I got to hang out with my fam, including the new members thereof. I got to take part in an incredible Christmas eve, a relaxed Christmas Day and dinner, a series of afternoons and evenings out, and an incredible New Year’s Eve at three different locations with all the people I really like to be around.

Since then, life continues to get better and better. I’m more focused at work, and am getting rid of all the shit that has been dragging me down. I’m not throwing up my arms in despair and complaining about the bureaucracy, I’m making people pay attention by spamming everyone and telling them how fucked things up are, and what needs to be done to fix it (and they’re actually listening). I’m hiring new people, empowering others, and setting everything up such that it’ll run smoothly with minimal intervention. It’s working – how weird.

I get to talk to some of the coolest people on the planet on a daily basis, and have managed to get away from constantly bitching about *everything* (although I still marvel publicly about some of the stupid things I am subjected to on a daily basis). I think I am a little more tolerable, but that’s just a general impression.

Other things are going exceptionally well. I’ll post an update on some of those next week, I think. No point talking about everything all at once.

In short, life is good, and for the first time in a very, very, very long time, I’m happy with my place in the universe. I’m not even worried about my little black cloud, because the person who brought the little black cloud onto the scene in the first place was me. I think I’ll keep it in storage indefinitely.


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