nice finish

We completed our fall season today with a win, and a second-half record of 5-2. It was beautiful temperature-wise (12 degrees in November!), but crazy windy. We were a little short on people, but had enough to show the colours and make a game of it. The first half was very even, with us taking it 8-7, but we pulled away in the second half to win 15-9.

I’m of two minds on the whole season. There was a lot of good, and more than a little bad, but overall it was a pretty positive experience. I was pretty frustrated about halfway through because of injuries (back, calf, and ankle [which is still sore]) and I really wasn’t enjoying the game. Playing Julie the Cruise Director/Cat Herder gave me an appreciation for how difficult it can be to field a team, but it got a lot easier as the Fall progressed. All in all it was good, but there were a few days where I wondered what the point was.

We managed to find and maintain a core group of players after the third week, which allowed us all to get used to how we all played. I only played in 2/3 of the games because of inuries, but was at all of them. It was really nice to see how far everyone has come (especially Kev C. and Dominique), and how the newer players (myself included) started to get a better appreciation for the game by watching the veterans play. Now, if we could only remember to catch the damn disc before looking downfield, we’ll be rocking.

I learned a bunch, including that I’m much better on D than O. I need to learn o cut more effectively, and this winter I’ll be training to improve lateral movement and exploding off cuts. Thanks to all my teammates for playing, and a big thank you to Ann and Coop for keeping it fun by giving words of encouragement when they were needed most, and mocking me when I was taking myself too seriously.

I think the only real negative I can take away was that my two game discs got taco’d in the final two games of the season. What the hell is up with that? Oh well, it’ll be a good excuse to go buy some new toys in the spring.

Great season, and here’s hoping I can play next summer.