it’s that time of year

No booze ’til Christmas, with the exception of American Thanksgiving weekend. I looked in my blue bin and was appalled at the amount of empties that have appeared there over the weekend. Couple that with sleep patterns that are all buggered up, too many fuzzy thoughts, five pounds of weight gained, and a craving for beer as soon as I get home, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s time to take a break.

2 thoughts on “it’s that time of year

  1. You can mail me your booze so you won’t be tempted to consume it.

  2. I’d send it to you bru, but those nasty people at the borders would take it away and drink it themselves. I won’t be tempted, cause it’s only for a few weeks, but thanks for the offer.

    And coop, I don’t think I’ll be storing my single malts at your place for the duration, either. (no offense)

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