friday kneecap

To all the people that realize “oh, shit, it’s the end of the week” and then forward escalations they’ve been sitting on all week to me at 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon: “if you see me with a ball peen hammer or adze and I’m walking towards you, it’s best get as far away from me as possible”.

Honest to god, can you not at least tell me about the issues first thing in the morning? I currently have no fewer than three escalations which have been dropped on my plate in the last 25 minutes. I can also guarantee when I call back in 45 minutes reporting everything done, those people will be nowhere to be found after successfully transferring responsibility to someone else.

Tonight, we go for the gusto, and thank their bosses for the dedication of the reps they manage. Good thing I don’t have to be anywhere before 6:30.