friday is time-wasting day

Ok, a couple of time-wasters, since it’s Friday.

  • First, we have a clip from Whose Line is it Anyways that had me in tears.
  • Next up is a flinch-inspiring video of bike couriers as they pedal maniacally around Manhattan. This clip was originally reported via the October 8th edition of, but downloading the video took almost four hours and I wanted to save you that pain. Should the original hosters of this vid find it here, please know that I’m trying to make it accessible, not steal it.
  • An overview of how Spain is dealing with bank robbers these days.
  • Finally we have a nice Schoolhouse Rock kind of video drawing comparisons between pirates and emperors, with an oh-so-subtle reference to that little government South of the 49th. Well done. The link to this came via the good folks at BoingBoing, still one of my favourite places to waste some time on any given day.

Happy Friday!