in all honesty…

…it’s not that it hasn’t registered, it’s more that the large majority of North America doesn’t care – including the traditional markets. I thought I would care a little, I don’t. I have football, my own Thursday night hockey league, running, group leading, movies, and a social life. That doesn’t leave much time for hockey, and I won’t have to worry about making excuses to sit inside in June to watch the game next year. I’m thinking there are a lot of people like me. I mean, really, the only people who could afford to go to the games were corp customers, and all they are missing is their tax writeoff, which they’ll find somewhere else.

Good luck Mr. B and Mr. G., I think you’re going to have a hard time getting back to where you were, and you’ve probably really fucked up places you need – like Calgary. Congrats.

5 thoughts on “in all honesty…

  1. YEHYEH CARES. YEHYEH CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ah well, there’s always nhl 2k5, season simulation….with inaccurate rosters….(sigh, I’m going to miss Recchi, that guy is my leading scorer, and it doesn’t help that zhamnov, roenick and primeau all suffered injuries)

  2. Secretly, I care too, but I care about the game and the fans, not the twits on either side of the fence in this dispute. I like going to a game and being entertained. I like the playoffs. I love the tic-tac-toe play. I long for the Gretzky in Edmonton/Bossy in New York/MacDonald in Calgary/Sakic in Quebec era. That was hockey. *sniff*

    I miss it, but I started missing it the first year NJ won the Stanley Cup simply because they could play the trap better than anyone else.

    Nice to see you yehyeh! A pleasant surprise. We should play some 2k5. Do you have it on X or PS2?

  3. well I’m not sure I long for the Gretzky in Edmonton era. I’d like it better if the great one was on another team, and then the Flyers produce a dynasty, and Pelle never dies.

    I can only dream.

    PS2 btw.

  4. I liked it in Edmonton. I like the fans in Alberta, because they understand getting behind the team and showing up for the game. I was in Calgary during playoffs this year, and it was insane (in a good way).

    I have 2k5 for xbox. Thankfully, at $30, I’m happy to pick up a copy for PS2 so I can finally play someone who doesn’t pretend their network connection is dying when they’re losing (right? 😉 )

  5. I still haven’t played a game online. I’ve tried but I always have issues trying to connect to the other person. Could be my end. Regardless Simon Gagne is on pace to score 90 goals. I love that guy. What difficulty setting do you put it on? I put it on Pro, cause if I recall correctly that’s the hardest setting that doesn’t eff with how good players are versus others…. I didn’t read the instruction manual though.

    btw, few points

    a) The Transformers video game is really well done. Yes I’m biased, but go read the reviews for yourself.

    b) is my blog

    feel free to reply or whatever cause nobody seems to read it anymore.

    (also I’m not getting an xbox just to play with you, so throw that solution out the window)

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