donnie darko sndtrk

Holy crap – coop appears to be in update-on-a-regular-basis mode again. This means I must follow suit, just in case he decides to call me on previous potshots.

I watched the Butterfly Effect on the train home the other day, and was very disappointed. I have to disagree with coop’s assessment, because punk’d is what I consider to be an entertaining show. The Butterfly Effect did not fall into the “entertaining” category. Donnie Darko is a great movie after the third or fourth viewing. It’s confusing as hell, so watch it once, pay attention, then go here and watch it a few more times (it’s been continually updated since the movie came out – that’s pretty cool). It’s like one of those stupid 3D pictures from a while back – all of a sudden “wham!”, you’ll get it.

Speaking of Donnie Darko, I thought the soundtrack was a ripoff, so I rolled my own. If you want your own, drop me a line and I’ll let you know where it can be found.