boo lifecycle

Today marks (what is hopefully) the end of my recovery period. Back in the second week of May, I tore a whole bunch of connective tissue between my solerus and my tib. It made running next to impossible, and playing ultimate on it prevented it from getting better anytime soon. I’ve given it a 5 week break from running, and a 4 week break from ultimate. Here’s hoping it’s ready for a bit of pounding again.

I’ve discovered I’m not a big fan of cardio machines. Six days a week over the last four weeks I have used elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and stairclimbers for cardio, and I much prefer running outside. The whole not going anywhere, and having to stare at the same people in the same gym has become pretty tedious, with a couple of scenic exceptions from some of the ladies who work out there. That kinda crosses a line though, so I avoid sneaking peeks as much as possible. Translation – I’m really hoping it’ll be good to get out running tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning is a standard workout, which will be a welcome change from yesterday. Why a welcome change? Well, yesterday was new and improved excercises, all of which were hard. I had gotten to liking the workouts being moderately easy, now they’re back to hard. Whatever happened to maintenance mode? One of Jenn’s other clients coined a very appropriate name for her workouts: Jennicide (as in that’s what her clients commit). It’s not that bad, in fact it’s very good for me, but here I was thinking I had gotten the hang of this whole “workout” thing, and Jen starts me on a new program that has me sore 24 hours later. Ah well, that (scarily) is why I pay her.

I’ll be running a wee jog of 30 minutes tomorrow, and I’m not allowed to jog more than 4km in that 30 minutes. That’s a pretty slow pace, but we’ve got to work back up to where I was eight weeks ago, which will take some work.

In any event, it’ll be good to get back out. Here’s hoping the damn thing is healed. Now all I have to do is convince myself it’s ok to play ultimate again, too.