sometimes, beer is bad

Today is one of those days where I kinda wish I hadn’t done the things I did the night before. I didn’t go out of my way to hurt myself, but fatigue is cumulative, and with a beer-influenced sleep I’m positively exhausted today.

Yesterday was James’ birthday and the start of this year’s CFL pre-season. Festivities involving a pre-game BBQ and beer were planned, but Tina could only see me yesterday eve, so I elected to catch up with folks at the game after getting my calves attended to.

The game was pretty boring until Kerry Joseph went in (the CFL puts it’s starters in during the second half in pre-season, which is weird only because the NFL doesn’t), and then Ottawa threw some points up on the board. The ‘Gades won it 28-24, but that was only against the Alouette’s second-stringers, so it really doesn’t mean much. Afterwards it was off to Patty’s for more beer, which was a bad idea, but it wasn’t a bad evening.

Today I feel like crap, and the migration attempt number 2 starts tonight at 22:00. I tried going for a run, but at a slow pace my heartrate was between 185-195 consistently, which means I’m over-tired (I have been told the name for what happens when my HR does that, but can’t remember what it is). Now I have a headache, and all I wanna do is go to bed. No chance of that happening beyond a nap, which is what I’m gonna do now.