i finally learned how to pronounce “Siobhan”

Update: I get a silly number of hits from Google on how to actually pronounce Siobhan, and have even received email asking why I don’t explain how considering the title of this post. Fair enough. It’s pronounced “shiv-awn”, like Chevonne, but with more of an “ive” sound instead of “ev”.

Update 2: I also got feedback in the comments from another Siobhan as follows:

im called siobhan and you pronounce it


I’ve heard it pronounced both ways in our Dublin office, so I’ll put both pronunciations up here. The first pronunciation is the predominant one, as the latter pronunciation seems to be a regional dialect. There are a number of references to the latter pronunciation out there, so I’ll add it. Thanks for the additional info, siobhan!

Update 3: Shivie says

and its probly pronounced better: “shivon”

and you know what, she’s got a really good point. 🙂 thanks, Shivie!

Now you know and now, back to the original post:

Wedding’s done, and it was hella fun. The ceremony was at 14:30, and was accompanied by music from the Star Wars soundtrack. It was short, on time, and tastefully done (even with Kj being one of the objects of attention). Laura looked phenomenal, and even Kjell looked respectable, which is the way it’s supposed to be.

I got to spend the aft chatting with Rachel at the King’s Stag drinking cheap ($4.25) pints of Guinness, and we headed to Darrel and Siobhan’s room (#666) to meet up with a bunch of old Ingenia crew and their families. Where did all those kids come from, anyways? We had a beer there, marvelled at the way parents can balance a kid, their food, a beer, and a diaper bag simultaneously, and then departed back to the pub as Siobhan had a hankerin’ for a Kilkenny, and we reluctantly *cough* decided to join her.

The reception and dinner was great, and I got to know a bunch of my friends wives and kids a little better, along with catching up on where everyone was. Good times, and we managed to close the place out.

Congrats guys, and thanks for inviting me out, I had a great time.

The rest of the day will be spent crucifying chocolate bunnies, and taking in the gorgeous weather. Twenty degrees and sunny, I’m glad I’m here instead of the left coast where it’s overcast, damp, and near freezing. Tomorrow it’s back home though, so I must go and waste the day away with the family properly.

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  1. I am one of those people who Googled “How do you pronounce Siobhan?” and now that I know, I feel extremely intelligent!!!

  2. I, too, googled “How do you pronounce Siobhan?” I’ve always wondered after reading it in a book!!!

    Sounds like you had a nice day. 🙂

  3. Yep, me three!!! Another google hit for your website about how to pronounce Siobhan. I always felt I was saying it wrong by using a ‘v’ sound – but no.

  4. I’m yet another who googles the Siobhan pronunciation. It’s the smallest favors that are most appreciated on the ‘net.

    You’ve made four of us happy by answering a simple question. Thanks!

  5. #5 here. Thanks. I Googled for the pronounciation as well. I would have never picked it up without your help.

  6. Yup! I also googled it after meeting a girl called Sibohan ( I thought it was chevaun!) at V festival at the weekend.

  7. That’s it.. I’m going to make a website or a band or write a book and title it “How to Pronounce Siobhan.”

    I’m #7. 🙂 I have no idea who you are, but thanks!

  8. Why not spell in Shavaugn?
    Why spell it Shio-bhan?

    Can we say Mark is pronounce ZZZZ?

    It’s stuipid.

  9. To everyone so far who has let me know the post has been useful – many thanks!

    To Mark – I shall happilly calll you “ZZZZ” if you like.

  10. first read the name in the book “man and boy” and last night, saw it in the credits of a supporting actress in “fools rush in” — after seeing it a second time, i had to google it. i really thought it was “see-oh-bonn”

    now i know!

  11. Thankyou so much for educating the individuals out there who are willing to do a bit of research to find out how to pronounce an otherwise impossible name. I can’t begin to tell you what I answer to and on the ODD occasion someone actually gets it correct I feel really really happy. I love my name, so again thankyou…. SIOBHAN

  12. Then reason SIOBNAN is pronounced “shÉ™-VÔN” is it is NOT from english, but the Gaelic language, which is the same reason Sinéad O’Connor’s name isn’t pronounced “sign-add”.

  13. I am just a fan of the name and intriguing spelling of Siobhan and had to leave a comment to add to your collection-which is amazingly large.

  14. I am working with a Siobhan and felt really bad that I couldn’t pronounce her name after listening to her voicemail numerous times. But now I can at least stop calling her Ms. XXX. Thanks for the helpful information

  15. I’m currently reading a book with your name in it. Now I can pronounce it correctly (in my head) as I read it. It’s an absolutely lovely name–are you of Irish descent?

  16. Thank you so much for clarifying the prenunciation of the name “Siobhan” 🙂 Throughout my whole life i have constantly been called “Si-o-ban”! Except for the one or two inddivuduals who have actually come across the name and know how to say it. It is a beautiful irish name so thank you for highlighting the issue!

  17. Good bless Kev, God bless google and God bless all the people who couldn’t pronounce ‘Siobhan’.

  18. Having just purchased, and used, a Garmin Navigator my Irish friend and I decided the lovley woman giving us directions should be named,’Siobhan’. I had always wondered how to pronounce the name. Believe me she guided us through many a maneuver in St. Paul MN. In addition, Siobhan is the Irish version of my name, Joan. I am very pleased to pronounce the name correctly and with assurance. Love those Irish!

  19. Haha, i also googled ‘siobhan pronouncination’…. funny how many there are of us…. 🙂 tnx for the answer!!

  20. i had no idea other people googled “how to pronounce siobhan”. i thought it was just me and i was dumb. 🙂

  21. I could’ve told you that kev! When I was in grade school I think there was a tall girl named Siobhan. She was purdy.

  22. Just about to ring a stranger and I had no idea how to say Siobhan correctly, there’s not many of them in Australia. Ta muchly

  23. I just type Siobhan into Google because I thought it was a pretty name, wanted to know what it meant. I was quite certain that I knew how to pronounce it. Show-Bahn.

    You learn something every day, but most days it has to do with how dumb you are. Like today, for me. 🙂

  24. im called siobhan and you pronounce it

    …***~~..sh-vorn..~~***… and you dont pronouce sinead ‘sign-add’ but its shun-naid

  25. Thank you! I’m an English teacher in Brazil who came across the name Siobhan in a book and was just wondering how to pronounce it to my students in class tonight! You saved my day!

  26. While reading The Icarus Girl I came across the name and was very curious about how to pronounce. Thanks!

  27. Just thinking of a name for a new grand daughter
    Need the pronunciation

  28. I too am yet another Googler. Congratulations on getting all these hits! I’m going to change my name to Kheaivimn.

    It’s Gaelic, you know…

  29. My middle name is Siobhan and when people find that out they are like ‘waah??’ ‘See-O-Buhan?’ and i have to explain its like ‘Sh-vorn’, but then people say it like ‘Sh-Von’ n i’m like nooooo its Sh-VOOORRRn lol!

    I used to get people to try and spell it when i was younger though just cos i knew they wouldn’t know how! haha 😀

    Awesome name, i’m so glad i have it!

  30. Sydney Australia checking in from Google via “how to pronounce siobahn”. To all the “sh-vorn’s” in the world, you have a fabulous name!

  31. I just received an email from someone with this name. I had never run across it before and was not even sure if it was a gal’s name or a guy’s name, so I googled it. (OK. I’m a silly American.) Wow! Now I even know how to pronounce it. Thanks!

  32. Hi

    Thanks for the input on the pronunciation but the general consensus that it is done with a r would be wrong mostly siobhan is pronounced shivawn the r i think would be the british pronunciation

  33. I have come across “Siobhan” many times.

    …Aaand in my mind, it was sio-b-han.


    I still think it’s weird that Bhan is Von.

    But meh 🙂

  34. Think I’m going to name my Bichon…Siobhan! My mom told me how to pronounce the name, but…I didnt believe her! Thanks for the info!

    Always believe those parents(even when they tell us about the easter bunny and santa!!!)

  35. thank god for this sitE ~!
    i can finally do my book oral presentation
    on this character. lol

  36. haha i love that theres a whole conversation on how to pronounce my name. i know your not specifically talking about me. but siobhan is my name so yay

  37. I didnt think one name could be that intresting glad so many people get a kick out of how to say my name

  38. All throughout school I had people calling me si-o-ban, si-o-ba-han, sabean, and even soybean(???). People even tried to tell me I was wrong. What do you know, looks like I wasn’t, lol.

  39. Read the name in Ian Rankin’s novels, and now I know how to pronounce it. Great

  40. Pronounce my name ‘tomahsh (second syllable long ah, and I’m Hungarian. Always glad to see there are other languages where s is pronounced sh! Great, Irish and Gaelic friend!

  41. So one way to make your website famous is to feature the pronunciation of Siobhan 😀

    I’m another Googler…

  42. To all those confused about WHY it might be pronounced this way… try this. Say the words “fan” and “van” to yourself. Notice how your lips and teeth are in the exact same orientation for both sounds. Now try “pan” and “ban”… almost identical. Respectively, these are voiceless and voiced versions of two phonetic sounds. Now think about saying “phan”… you probably said fan, even though, why would “ph” sound like “f”? It’s well accepted that it does, and it follows that “bh” would sound like “v”.

  43. I Googled Siobhan pronounciation also, and I would’ve never guessed that you say it like that.

    I always pronounced Sinead as ‘suh-nade’, with more emphasis on the ‘-nade’ part.


  45. My daughter’s name is Siobhan. As Americans, we pronounce it “Sha-von” or as some tease “Shove-on”. It is a fairly common name in Ireland though. The correct way to say it there would be “Shi-von” and if you have an Irish accent, it would come out “Sh-vorn”. Heh heh. The Gaelic language is awesome. It only consists of 18 letters, but the pronunciation of those letters and the dipthongs they use makes English look so sloppy in it configuration. Yes, “bh” sounds like “v”.

  46. This makes me feel like a rock star!! I love my name and I don’t mind correcting all the thousands of people who have pronounced it wrong. In a way, it helps define me!! Thanks!

  47. Holy crap, people call me soybean too Siobhan!! And to think I thought I was original;) Now who wants to guess where the accents go in the name Siobhan 😮

  48. Thanks for this – all my live i’ve wondered how to pronounce Siobhan. Thank god for Google

  49. From Christchurch, New Zealand, in Yokohama, Japan.
    Thank you for this Siobhan. 🙂

  50. Thank you!

    I really needed to be able to pronounce the name of the woman I’ve waited all my life to meet and who I intend to make my wife.

    Sioban Fehey!

    Well…A guy can dream can’t he! LOL

  51. Thank you!

    I really needed to be able to pronounce the name of the woman I’ve waited all my life to meet and who I intend to make my wife.

    Siobhan Fehey!

    Well…A guy can dream can’t he! LOL

  52. As Siobhan’s post says – Sinead is pronounced shun-naid. I think we’ve established Siobhan is pronounced sh-vorn just my son’s name Sean is pronounced ‘shorn'(as in Sean Connery). In Gaelic the ‘s’ is generally pronounced ‘sh’.

  53. I met a Siobhan today and googled it to learn how to pronounce it. Thanks for your help!

  54. I tried to guess the pronunciation and as it turns out, I wasn’t even close.

    Thanks much!

  55. To the Siobhans who posted #42 and #54:
    I have also been called ‘soybean’!!! And I thought I was the only one. I am highly amused to find that I am not the only one.

  56. I use to hate always correcting people – b/c even if I corrected them they would still say it wrong – so thanks!
    I love that my name is different and I dont mind all the nicknames – people won’t forget you!

  57. I looked up “Siobhan”, and Google correctly suggested that I was actually wondering about pronounciation, and then pointed me here.

    Google rocks.

  58. Hello from Germany 🙂

    Got here googling for “Siobhan pronounciation”. I’m sure Ian Rankin explains it in one of his novels. Was curious but too lazy to reread all the books, so thanks a lot for explaining!

  59. wow nice to know im not the only one googling siobahn if i ever have a daughter i think i will name her that !

  60. wow i found this site googling ‘siobhan pronounciation’ too! how funny! also to Andy, I think Niamh is pronounced like my name neve, i wish i had been given the proper irish name niamh instead of the boring anglicised neve lol. and in case anyone is wondering, aoife is pronounced like my sisters name, eefya. My mother obviously like irish names, but not the spellings lol.

  61. Mark, it’s an Irish name, not English. It follows the rules of pronunciation in Irish, not English! So don’t expect it to!

  62. Siobhan is my favorite name for a female. If i ever have a daughter she WILL be name Siobhan.

  63. Hi i love the name siobhan and want to call my daughter that, my husband thinks she will be teased, have any other siobhan’s had a problem like this and regretted the name? its such a beautiful name.

  64. hiya everyone my mum was weird n spelt my name wit an a insted of an o she sed it looks betta but it dont stop people from sayin my name wrong n its so anoying!!! but i luv my name. hiya kev 😀

  65. i think its easier being spelt with an a i finally lerned to spell it like took several attempts =)

  66. I saw the article in Slate about Google Suggestions and thought I’d give it a try. Siobhan is pronounced far different than I’ve ever thought (see-oh-bahn). Thanks!

  67. I actually have a friend named Shayne and he told me he is dating some girl named Siobhan. I too googled it because I had no idea how to say it and i didn’t want to be rude and ask. Lol, Thanks!!

  68. I’m called Siobhan and i pronounce my name “shivorn”.
    However, I know when I have done something wrong when my mum calls me “shi VON” it’s a bit more sharper and tends to ring in the air longer than if she had said “vorn” :S

    but my nick name is, depending on where somebody knows me from, is
    siob (pronounced “sigh ob”)
    ohan (pronounced like the surname of lyndsey lohan without the “l”)
    sib (like the male name sid)

    As if the name isn’t confusing enough without having a tonne of different ways of abbreviating it!!

  69. Hi,

    Not sure if you’ll be interested in this, but you never know, it might come in handy during a pub quiz or something.

    ‘Siobhán’ should be spelt with an acute accent over the ‘a’, which changes the way the word sounds. The accent is called a ‘fada’ which literally means ‘long’ in Irish, so you’re elongating the sound of the ‘a’.

    ‘an’ sounds like the name ‘Ann’. But ‘án’ sounds like ‘dawn’ without the ‘d’.

    It makes more of a difference in the name ‘Seán’ (pronounced Shawn), the male equivalent of Siobhán. Without the accent it is ‘sean’ (pronounced ‘shan’) which means ‘old’ in Irish.

    I read once, Siobhán was an ancient Irish name derived from the words ‘síog amháin’ (pronounced ‘shee Og Ah wahn’) which means ‘only fairy’ or ‘one fairy’. Fairies were very important in Pre-Christian Ireland and there are fairy-rings (ancient standing stone circles) dotted all over the country. To this day a lot of superstition surrounds them and farmers or landowners usually never disturb them if they are on their land – out of fear, more than respect. Even though it’s the 21st century there are still somethings we won’t mess with.

  70. I’ve always hated that name……siobhan! Maybe because I’ve always had a puke inducing feeling with gaelic things. I don’t know why?

  71. Siobhan ur knickers Only heard that 10 yrs ago Better than the crap ive read

  72. looked it up because of the book “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time”

    i actually didn’t really care about how to pronounce the name
    but now it’s good to know

  73. My friend Siobhan pronounces her name Shwan (one syllable and no v)and so do all her friends. Her father is Irish though the family lives in Canada now and insists this is the way to pronounce it. We are all used to it and now I find saying Shivon strange now.

  74. I know a Siobhan
    and she really is a sweatheart
    there are so many little things
    that really sets her apart

    she’s wonderful, she’s lovely
    she’s fun and my best friend
    any time i’m sad or down
    she’s quick my mood to mend

    but recently i’ve upset her
    and not for the first time
    sure once could be forgiven
    more than twice though is a crime

    pronunciation was never a problem
    t’was me that was the issue
    and with heavy heart i write these words
    Siobhan sweetheart i miss you

  75. This just goes to show you that we are not all as different as we think…even with names as common as kimberly, and rare as siobahn.

    I too googled “siobahn pronunciation” and i’m usually great with pronouncing names. I told my friend (she said she kept seeing that name and wanted to name her future daughter that, but she asked me how to pronounce it)the wrong pronunciation (sh-bon)but i felt the urge to google it, still! Anyway, it’s great to know i’m not the only one with free time to google siobahn! What a lovely name.

  76. Add my thanks to this string on Siobhan’s pronunciation. And Anti-Siobhan? What’s the point of that? Good day and good luck, all.

  77. I am one of the few who did not Google how to pronounce it, I actually was hoping to find out what it meant or the history of the name.

  78. Another Siobhan here who has been called Soybean in the past! It came up as soybean in a spellcheck and i’m a vegetarian so it stuck for a little while.

  79. I was wondering when someone would remember that awful taunt, “Siobhan,your knickers, your mother is coming!” Thanks #83

  80. “I think Niamh is pronounced like my name neve, i wish i had been given the proper irish name niamh instead of the boring anglicised neve”
    Yes, but you may have been even more frustrated by correcting people’s pronunciations constantly your whole life, so your mother certainly had your best interest in mind. My family changed the spelling of their last name to Rae from Rea so people would pronounce it right, and they clearly cared more about the sound than the look.
    Speech after all is older and more fundamental than writing.

  81. I must confess that I stumbled upon this site on my quest to find out how to pronounce Siobhan. The only reason I was looking for it was that my mate said that he was going out with a girl with that name and I thought I had better actually find out how to say it properly.

  82. I googled it too! Twice actually. I checked a few months ago but forgot what I found, so looked again today. I didn’t find this place last time.

    Sh-Vorn rocks!

  83. I read this in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and I also tried to look up Siobhan…I thought that pronouncing it like it was written was fine (Seeo-Bahn), but it turns out it’s different, oh well, might as well pronounce it right. 😀

  84. Have a client with the name and thanks, I will tell her she has a beautiful name 🙂 Google won!!

  85. haha im called siobhan 🙂
    just call people shivie if your still unsure
    and its probly pronounced better: shivon
    just to let u kno 😀
    its good that you have a page on my name thogh haha 😉

  86. my whole life i grew up with this name. now people are actually googling on how to pronpunce it….. *sigh* whatever my nick name at scool is still, see o bhan, and syo ban and all that crap. even syo and sibby and i have way too amny nick names 0_0 anyways CYA (im 13 by the way)

  87. It kind of floors me that this is my most popular post.

    To all the Siobhans, it’s a wonderful name, and hopefully a few less people mangle it now.

    – k

  88. “Why is spelled ‘Siobhan’?”

    Look at our language…look at a world like “fusion”. Look at the “sio” in fuSIOn. What sound does it make? There you go.

    The second part is the ‘v’…In Gaelic or Celtic or whatever culture it’s from…the ‘bh’ lettering creates a ‘vvvvvvvvv’ sound. Much like what most of us hear with ‘ph’ lettering creating a ‘fffffffff’ sound. Phonics. Phat. Physics. Etc.

    The ‘an’ at the end is self-explanatory.

  89. My daughter’s middle name is Siobhan, and I regret selecting it sometimes, because of its mispronunciation, but I do so like it, although I had to Google the pronunciation before she was born. People have asked if it is spelled wrong but I just shake my head and explain its origins.

  90. I used to wonder how Siobhan was pronounced and my brother told me it was like saying ‘Shivon’..I didn’t believe him so I googled it for clarification and sure enough he was right. He also told me that Sinead was celtic/gaelic for “Jennifer”.

  91. Im Siobhan And People Always Say My Name Wrong And Spell It Wrong It Gets On My Nerves Lol x

  92. im siobhan 109 and i some times get called shivvy or shivers but i like the name shivverz so tht is my nick name

    my dad is the number 108 and my friend is going to sign it i think

    siobhan coupe x

  93. You’ve got to love google, guaratneed to learn something new everyday! I have to confess I do know how to say Siobhan but every time I see it spelt it comes out wrong (silly eye to brain connection thing) so curiousity got the better of me and I had a quick look to see what was around for it!! And it is indeed a beautiful name 🙂

    Thanks Kev!!

  94. Thanks for setting the record straight for those people who actually take the time and show interest in the people or “Siobhans” they meet. I love explaining to people the origins of my name and the pronunciation as well. When I first met my husband he thought my name was spelled Chevron without the r so when he lost my phone number he posted a large sign in the town where i lived CHEVON CALL MARK well because it wasn’t spelled correctly i never paid attention to the sign. He finally found my phone number (through a mutual acquaintence)called me and now we have been married for twenty years and he always calls me Chevy although he likes to tell people what my name is and tries and get them to spell it. I love my name and i have so much fun with it. Siobhans ROCK!!

  95. My name is Siobhan
    Most people pronounce it right
    you get the odd people who dont have a clue
    It is a common name where im from, London.
    I have 5 friends called Siobhan.
    Siobhan means God is gracious.
    This is the same meaning as John, Shane, Joan, Sinead, Sean and much more.

    WoopWoop Siobhan x

  96. I’m Irish and living in Ireland and unfotunately it’s the spelling that people get wrong. It really gats my goat. ‘Shwon’ is how they say it in Gaeltacth Connemara(a native irish region)as there accent causes the ‘h’ before the ‘b’ to make the ‘v’ sound that a ‘bh’ generates, silent… so u end up with Shwon.
    If u think Siobhán is confusing try pronunce… GHEOBHAIDH… Nope thats not made up.. HA!
    and use a fada on the ‘a’ looks better and it really does change the pronunciation… ha.

  97. iya ! my name is siobhan ….

    and i get called loads of diffent names …like

    shiv .. shivi ..shivver ..lil shiv ..vonie .

    and some ppl call me sean .. coz it kinda sounds like it … lol

    but tbh .. yh r name is weird but like it is more xcitin .. then the common names like yh get…

    so if yh fink its weird just… we dont care reli .. coz r name is like yyyy more xcitin ! then urs proberly !!

    and god … it aint that hard 2 pronounce !

    toodlez ….x

  98. The reason i know how to pronounce siobhan is because its my name and i have had it for my whole life

  99. I’m one of those people who got here via Google.

    I’m reading a Sunstorm, A Time Odyssey, by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter.

    In that book “Siobhan” is one of the character’s names. I’ve read other stories with Siobhan’s and just glossed over it. However, I HAD to know this time. 😉


  100. My name is siobhan and if i tell you all the names that i have been called then i will be here forever, so i wont lol, but people call me shiv, shivi, von, vonnie etc and it’s really annoying when they can’t spell it so in a christmas card they just write shiv. And to numba 72 i have hated my name for a long time but it’s something that im gonna have to get use to and i dont really care any more. But when i hear people call my name it is kinda wierd because of a school will about 500 people there is only 3 including me, so i always turn around thinking that there talking to me. lol.

    Hearing people with the same name as me kinda feels a bit wierd so to all the siobhan’s out there that don’t like their name….Get use to it and learn to like it. lol


  101. My cousin’s daughter is called Siobhan. I was just writing an email to my cousin and wanted to refer to her daughter but wasn’t sure how to spell her name. So I checked how to spell it before risking sending an email with her name wrongly spelt, when I came across this site. I hope that no. 122 appreciates what I have done rather that guessing and spelling it wrong!

  102. my Name is siobhan, i googled my name out of boredom.. ashamed to admit it.

    I imagine this page is useful to people who don’t already know though 🙂

  103. #2349674319067431 I too googled “siobhan pronunciation” and et viola! here i am.

  104. Yep, I Just googled the name Siobhan, as thats my little sisters(she is 6) penpals name, I had no idea
    how to pronounce it, so thank you!!
    I think it is a really nice name!!

  105. Hi, my name is Siobhan and wow, there were a lot of people curious about how to say it. Who knew. Anyways, my grandmother is from Ireland and it’s her favorite name so that’s how I got it. We pronounce it “shi-von” and it’s the equivalent of Joan/Jean meaning “god is gracious.”

    I’ve never met somebody with my name before so it’s really weird to see so many out there. I’ve also noticed that there are quite a few people who don’t like having it as a name, I’ve always loved my name and I pretty much got over the mis-pronunciations and spellings in elementary school. It was great as a kid being the only Siobhan in school! I didn’t have to share my name with anybody.

  106. My friend’s best friend’s name is Siobhan.
    She tells me its SHE-BHAUN.

    So I don’t know about the ‘V’ in it.
    I’m confused.

  107. I pronounce my name as ‘Shervon’ rather than ‘Shivorn’ as many people pronounce it!

    where you come from/live depends on how you pronounce your name (SIOBHAN)!

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  109. @bob: wrt “who cares” – if you don’t, why take the effort to comment? you confuse me a little, and speaking in a language only gel would understand… I think I’ll leave that alone. 🙂

  110. Had to comment after scrolling through this whole list. Congratulations on being the #1 hit for googling “How to pronounce Siobhán”!!!

    I knew irish names were tricky, and so when I got an email from Siobhán and realized I would need to meet her the next day, I figured I should verify. I work with a very red haired Shivonne so i suspected something like this. But I didn’t really expect to find such an interesting page!

  111. I looked up this name after having no idea how to pronounce a Devendra Banhart song, ‘this beard is for Siobhan’. I thought it’d be pronounced ‘show-bun’ How wrong I was.

  112. haha this gave me a good laugh, some people pronounce it shvorn? i did not know that. I too have been nicknamed soybean! that’s so weird. and i love devandra banhart!

  113. And yet another in the quest for pronunciation of siobhan. I’ve always thought it a perfectly lovely name as I read it, but have never heard anyone speak it. But I had to know how to pronounce it, because I believe I would propose to the first single woman I meet who’s parents had so blessed her! She would have to be beautiful, inside and out.

  114. Heyaah__x

    My Name Is ‘Siobhan’ People Call Mee Si-o-Ban All Thu Tym Wen They Dnt No How To.

    Buh All My Mates Call Me ‘Vonniee’ N Spell It That Way.

    In Skewl Thu Teachers All No Mee By Vonniee Cuz I Fink Its Easier Buh Most Of My Mates Spell It Ryt.

    I Get Ppl Sayin To Mee All Thu Tym That My Name Is A Lovely Name.

    Buh I Hate It When Ppl Ask Me Wat My Name Is On Msn Nd I Have To Say – Siobhan,, Pronounced ‘Shivorn’ Buh Ppl Call Mee Vonniee.

    Lol. Finushed My Essay Now.


    Byee x

  115. One more to add to the “How To Pronounce Siobhan” list. Thanks!

    I know my name is gaelic , is there a cooler way to pronounce it then Geh-ree?

  116. Wow, thanks. i’v been messaging this girl called Siobhan, but had never actually heard her name pronounced, amd thought it was pronunced exactly how its spelled, see oh barn
    oh man, am i glad i never actually tried to say her name to anyone.
    thanks for the help, lol

  117. I also googled the name, because I seem to encounter someone by that name every couple of weeks.

  118. hi my name is Siobhan too thanks alot for telling people how it is really pronounced

  119. I too am named Siobhán – pronounced Shi-von.
    I have Irish parents and live in Australia. I am often asked how to pronounce my name and am surprised that when I tell people how to pronounce it that there are still people who will call me Shi-vawn (which I hate being called). With Irish people in Australia and when I have been in Ireland I have had no problems with people pronouncing my name.

  120. Hi, yet another Siobhan who googled my name out of boredom. So pleased you are finally educating these people, its not that hard to say!! One of my fave games is getting people to try and spell it themselves when they ask me! i am a bit stunned by the soybean thing tho, am 22 and have never had that one yet!! My famiy called me Shev when i was younger, still hate it now! but my best friend calls me von, dont mind that! Thanks again for clearing this up for so many people!

  121. I loved the name ever since reading it in a merry gentry series and it is now the name of my puppy..us irish have to stay together! Thank you for the valuable information

  122. Yet another Siobhan! I allow people to call me either Shivon, Shavon, or Shivawn. As long as they actually get the “v” sound, I am pretty much happy. As I live in the US, most people ask me why my mother would name me such a weird name; I usually respond that it is a unique but traditional Irish name.

    As to someone asking why there is a “v” sound, I was told that in the Irish language the “bh” makes the “v”.

    Siobhans unite!!

  123. i simply googled siobhan and it prompted with ‘siobhan pronounciation’!

    lol thanks for the clearing up, another hi from australia

  124. Hey, I used to read a boog to my pregnant girl friend and it wasn’t till I got to the end that she told me the lead character wasn’t called ‘SEE-OH-BAN’
    What a dumb ass I felt! :o(

  125. I used to hate my name cos no one could pronounce it, but now i’m beginning to like it.
    I’m also Australian with Irish parents. A lot of Irish people i meet pronounce it Shevaughn, but most Australian’s say it, basically, as “shove-on”
    And Siobhan B is right.
    In Gealic, ‘B’ and ‘H’ are pronounced as ‘V’

    Dunno if anyone else has said it, but the English equivalent is Joan / Joanne.
    Just a bit of trivia for you :p

  126. I too am a fellow “how do you pronounce siobhan?” googler! I’ve always wonder because it looks like such a pretty name and I’ve also read it in a book. Thanks for the info!

  127. Thanks from Arizona, USA. I was another that would read “See-O-Bahn” when I would see the name. Was it Canterberry’s Tales that was written in Gaelic? It’s been a looooong time since high school.

  128. Gee…. two years since the first post and people are still googling Siobhan… Like me!! I love the name. If I have a girl I want to call her Siobhan. Its beautiful! Maybe I can change my name by deed poll??

  129. my name is siobhan and i am so happy that people will actully know how to spell and pronounce my name… love SIOBHAN

  130. Hi THere!
    My name is also Siobhan!
    I pronounce it : Sh-vorn or Sh-von and i hav had sooooo many people say it wrong or not even attempt to say it!!!! My friend’s name is also Gaelic and is spelt Brighde and pronounced Bridie!

  131. Greetings All,

    My name was Siobhan prounouced and spelled the American was of Shevawn (Sha-Von). After living in the UK for two years (where regardless of the spelling EVERYONE still knew how to say it) I recently (Monday May 5th) changed it to the Gaelic spelling while maintaining the American prounouciation because that’s how everyone said it in the UK too. It is lovely so many people research this though I had to pull up Google to PROVE to people how to say my name (so annoying).

    beautiful kisses

  132. I always pronounced it how its written like si-ob-han, now i feel incredibly stupid but also intelligent lol
    thanks a lot

  133. Yeah… name is Siobhan and I have heard so many pronunciations of my name like Sio-bin, Sio-ba-han, Soy-bin, Seo-ban, See-von and also Soy-bean. I pronounce my name Sha-von but my nick name is Shivvy. I am impressed by the number of people here that can actually spell my name . WOW!!

  134. Hehe my name is Siobhan and a teacher at my school calls me autobarn and siobarn!

  135. yet another from google. You should put a few banner ads up. you’ll make a killing!

  136. my wife just walked into the room and asked how would i pronounce siobhan…. she reads a lot and, unlike me (who went for years pronouncing chaos as chay-ose), has a need to pronounce things correctly… so i googled it… the first hit used audio, but i have no speakers, so this is the one i used… thanks

  137. Yup, I googled it too after meeting a girl on facebook called Siobhan… i didnt have a clue how to say it but it’s too easy… only thing i’d change about this site is i’d mabe add an mp3 of how to say it 😉

  138. i thought it was but now i know -ta! was looking
    up ’bout Dave Stewart’s ex = Shakespeare’s sister – her name 🙂

  139. Another google-er! 🙂
    Thanks, i was unsure how to proceed, i have a meeting with a Siobhan tomorrow and i had to make sure i said her name correctly. Cheers!

  140. i love my name!! i never did as a kid but everyone loves it and compliments me. its also a great icebreaker when takin 2 guys when im out!!!

  141. My name is Chivon, i pronounce it (Sha-von) after reading this, i want to begin saying (Sha-vorn) i kind of like that… to all you Shavon’s, Chivon’s, Siobhan’s, or whatever variation you are — “you rock”!!!!

  142. My Daughter is called Siobhán. We pronounce it Shi-vorn, which is also how most of the Irish we’ve met are saying it. But, if you don’t spell it with the fada (accent) on the a, it should be read Shi-van.

  143. Another “Siobhan” here! One of the good things about having a gaelic name, you know when a telemarketer is trying to call you because they butcher my name!

  144. Hi Everyone

    I am also a Siobhan. Growing up I have been called everything Si-o-ban, SIO-BA-HAN, shboyn
    Everything and i never get a birthday card or a xmas card with my name spelt right on it. I pronounce my name sh-vawn but never get called by friends or fammily as they all have there own nicknames for me xx

  145. Hello to all the other Siobhans out there. I’m 57 and when my parents decided to call the baby (me) Siobhan if it was a girl they didn’t know how to pronounce it either – fortunately they did discover the correct way. I hated it at primary school because I was the only Siobhan. In senior school there was another who had a distinctive look so the heat was off.
    Come on all you who allow nicknames – make people use the name your parents gave you.

  146. Read this name in the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts). Roarke’s deceased mother is named Siobhan.

    Saw an article on Google News written by a Siobhan and decided to “Google” it. I can’t believe the number of comments. Glad to know we are all so interested!

  147. I would guess that about 5 people in the entire world share my entire name
    I have never met another Siobhan though i’d imagine it to be like meeting my doppleganger – scary thought!

  148. This is hilarious, i thought my name is actually kind of ugly and harsh sounding!
    My name is spellt with an extra i at the end.

    I would say its shovawn by the way! i know at least 10 people named it as well 😀

  149. Thanks. Good to know that you’ve been providing this service (of how to pronounce the name) for over two years now.

  150. when people hear my name pronounced before meeting me, they always think i will be black hahahah

    used to hate the name but now i love it 🙂

  151. Hahaha Google Rules….But also I like seeing all the other cool names here too!


  152. I’m another Googler. XD

    I have no clue who you are, but thanks for the pronunciation. I feel accomplished now that I know how to pronounce Siobhan… who knew it was so different from the spelling?

  153. Yep hahaha!

    I also googled it. 😛
    I knew how to pronounce it, I was just wondering the origins and meaning of it.

    Thanks for your enlightenment! 😀

  154. My name is Siobhan and all throughout school only one teacher could pronounce my name.. in preschool my teacher thought it was see oh ba han

  155. heyyyy been reading some maeve binchy books and i too wondered how to pronounce this!!!

    i only just learnt dunlaoghaire is pronounced dunleary after watching P.S I love you too… i didn’t realise the reason for all this was in gaelic they used the h’s to signal different pronunciations of consonants!

  156. I’ve got a Siobhan in the class I’m teaching Thursday, so I’m very glad I didn’t look like an idiot pronouncing it completely wrong Thursday! Thanks so much 🙂

  157. I constantly have people call me up at work to find out how to pronounce Irish names. Siobhan is just the tip of the iceberg. Try Tadhg(tie-g as in bow tie with a g on the end), Ruairdhi (roary/ruuree), Caoimhe (cweeva), Laobhaise (Leesha), Beibhinn (Bayveen). Tons of fun to be had !

  158. Ughhh- my middle name’s Siobhan, and sooo many people say “Sighobon”! It’s very annoying.

  159. Teehee i used to not like my name (siobhan) but now because all of you are saying how lovely it is im happy 🙂 thnks mum!

  160. Like many, I came across this info searching for the correct pronounciation of Siobhan. Well, at least I was a little closer than some before looking it up. It helped that I knew how to pronounce sibh.

    I also have a name, although in my case it’s my surname, that people mangle. I’ve been called Monchew, Monsox, etc., etc. Log before I was born, after moving from Louisiana to Texas, my parents gave up on the truly correct pronounciation. We usually pronounce it like Mon + so. The on in the first syllable should be pronounced with the French nasil n sound that most Texans just don’t get.

  161. Thank you thank you!! I also googled “Siobhan pronunciation”. I always thought I was pronouncing it properly…She-von, since I have asked people who have the name and that is what they told me. But was recently challenged and told it was Sha-bon….so I had to double check and I was right! I love love love the name!! Thanks!

  162. haha, just learned how to pronounce Siobhan, thanks to you 🙂
    i’ve been saying it as “Sib-oh-an” haha…

  163. haha. i googled it too!
    i had no idea how to pronounce it after i read it in breaking dawn.

  164. well my names Siobhan i just wantd to see if there was anything on google about me n i found this, lol but c’mon its nt that hard.. is it?

  165. My friend’s 3 yr old daughter is named Siobhan and I just wanted to find out how to pronounce that in case of embarassing situations in the future. Seems like 200++ people are just like me, haha!

    I used to think it must be a chinese dialect name, and I pronounced it as “see-ob-han”. Sounds like a tongue twister.

  166. D’uh
    it’s irish…. bh-gives a V sound.
    i guess non-irish peeps wouldn’t know that.
    and there should be a fada on the a-á
    it broadens the vowel. ie awn sounding instead of A.

  167. i stoped writtin the fada in p2 cause the way i drew it just looked retarded lol but settle down.. its not there fault they don’t no how to pronounce it.. =)*

  168. my name is siobahn but it is spelled shavon and its pronounced how its spelled.
    so, its sha-von

  169. Wow, good thing I googled this before she gets off the plane! I guess it wouldn’t be great mispronouncing your bride’s name.

    This site is quite the phenomenon. Turns out you’ve become the number four (non-porn) site in the world. All for us “See-O-Ban” saying mofos.

    Thanks. And by the way, the proper pronounciation of Mark is “More-On” .

  170. aha!
    i like my name but hate it when people say it wrong, so thanks for letting people know how to say it.

  171. Thanks Kev from sunny Sydney! I needed to know how to pronounce it and you are number one when i google “siobhan pronunciation”!

  172. Thanks! I too googled the pronunciation and now know the correct way to say it, who knew I was not alone out there. This chain is incredible.

  173. Yes, it’s pronounced Shiv-awn.By the way, it means “God is gracious” and it’s actually spelled “Siobhán”.

    P.S. I don’t really know how to do the accent mark on the computer, I just copied and pasted it because I know that’s the way it’s spelled beforehand.

  174. Now when you read book 4 of the “Twilight’ series, you’ll know how to pronounce Siobhan! Enjoy!!!!


  176. i’m trying to finish on essay on Kant. and there was a reason why i googled my name but i can’t remember what it was now. anyways, i’m english but have been living in ireland for almost 15 years. So i’ve never had a problem with people being able to pronounce my name. I like it to be pronounced shuh-vawn 🙂 there are some people i know that pronounce it shuh-von but i don’t really like the way that sounds. i much prefer the elongated -vawn ending. it just sounds a lot nicer. my friend call me sibh/shiv. and sometimes sigh-o-bann because of a woman in a hotel one of my friends works in who couldn’t pronounce siobhán properly. it’s cool the way so many people don’t know to pronounce it and have all ended up on this page hehe ugh…back to the essay i should go me thinx-enough pointless rambling for one night, not to do some rambling with a point 🙂

  177. @Michaela Siobhán

    pressing a + alt gr will give you the accent mark ááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 🙂
    and that last post shoud read
    “*NOW* to do some rambling with a point” lol

  178. Heyy i love some of your attempts, but the way i pronounce it anyways, its sha-von

  179. I found a letter just the other day that my great grandmother wrote to my mom that said she hoped she would name her daughter ‘Siobhan’ after HER mother. My mother had often said she wanted to name me ‘Shavon’ (well, that’s how I thought it was spelled.) Anyway, I decided to google the pronunciation of Siobhan and thank you for the clarity because ‘See-oh-bahn’ seemed like a very silly name!

  180. Ok here is my attempt…
    ‘Sio’ is pronounced Sha /Sho
    ‘bhán’is pronounced vawn(rhymes with yawn,stress this part)
    = Sha VAWN
    The á is important, it gives it the awh sound at the end.
    I’m Irish and a fluent Irish speaker and have NEVER heard of an ‘r’ sound pronounced at the end. Sounds like a British pronounciation like you hear people saying Dear-dree for the name Deirdre (Dear/Dare-dra)
    Also Aoife is pronounced EE-fa as in EE rhymes with see.
    Hope that helps someone…

  181. That’s been bugging me for years! I finally had to gooooogle, b/c it’s raining and I’m procrastinating, and lo and behold, I was SO wrong! I too thought that it was “See o bon”.

    Thanks for the help!

  182. Hey. (:

    Thank you so much for this post.
    I’ve been reading ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’.
    A character in the book has this name so I thought I’d look it up because I had no idea how to pronounce it. x3

    I notice a few other people looked up Siobhan for the same reason. *smiles*

  183. ok it’s actually sha-wawn, bh does make a v sound but only if the next letter is i or e or a constonant, if it is followed by a, o , u, then it’s a W sound.

  184. mark… you are a fool. not everyones a bloody effing american….. different cultures spell and pronounce things A LOT differently.
    accept it.

  185. My name is Siobhan. It is suppose to be pronounced Shi-von, but my mother americanized it and pronounces Shi-bon. I don’t really think it matters. Just as long as you don’t call me S-i-o bon

  186. Its an ok name and all but i hate the nicknames !

    its just simple.. sha-von
    -.-‘ i hate my faggot friends lol

  187. Ah, thank you.
    I was wondering after reading Breaking Dawn.

    I was actually about to google how to pronounce a different name, but the drop down list showed “how to pronounce siobhan” and I couldn’t pass it up.

    You gotta love google.

  188. What a beautiful…I wish I could have another baby girl…she would be called Siobhan…just lovely…

  189. What a beautiful name…I wish I could have another baby girl…she would be called Siobhan…just lovely…

  190. LOL, googled it, of course. It looks like you get googled fairly reguarly! Just thought it would be funny to add that I mispronounced the name ‘Sean’ until I was twelve and my mother told me it wasn’t pronounced “seen”… to this day I still think SEEN and have to remember that its not. LOL.

  191. Needed to google to double check I was pronouncing it correctly. Got a note from someone at school and I don’t want to maul their name when I call them back. Thanks!

  192. I used to hate my name when I was little because no one knew how to pronounce it! When my mom sent out her notices, or whatever they’re to be called, she attached an article from a newspaper about my name and pronounciation- it can be pronounced pretty much however the reader wants it to be pronounced, but I personally hate being called Shabon. I prefer my name to be pronounced with the V sound, instead of the B. I get a lot of people wanting to call me Sigh-O-Ba-Hawn, though I correct them every time. It’s a beautiful name, but I personally hate when I have to go to school with other Siobhan’s- yuck! We’re all confused for one another, and I’m thankful I’m the only Siobhan at my high school now!

  193. i’m reading ‘the curious incident…’ too. it’s good and i recommend it to all 247 of you.

    kev, you are a legend amongst siobhans.

  194. My daughter’s name is Siobhan…to me the most beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I love that you have to question the person to know more about the name and then you get to meet someone special. The first day of school was always a funny experience since NO ONE had seen her name before….A fiend of mind once said that you meet the person before you know the person’s name…Thanks have a great day…..Bette..Siobhan’s MOM

  195. Thanks! I learned the pronunciation a few months ago and then completely forgot and so found myself here.

  196. Most of these people read that in Breaking Dawn (my life)…

    THANKS!!! for the pronounciation.

  197. Me, too, I read the name in Breaking Dawn, and I knew it was Irish but I didn’t know I had been pronouncing it wrong. I read Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, and I didn’t notice the name until now, though I remember not knowing how to pronounce it. It’s a pretty name.

  198. my name is xiavan and its pronounce shivan too like siobhan (which i always thought was pronounced seeyobawn lol) weird huh

  199. my name is also shavon you would think that since its spelled how it souds, it would be eaisier for people to spell it, but, no, whenever people see my name, they call me a number of things,
    shave-on, sharon, shaven…etc.
    by the way i pronounce it,

  200. Sorry its not pronounced “Shivon” its “Shivahn” its like you awwwn your drag the last part out, atleast thats how you pronounce it with an Irish accent 🙂

  201. i mean like not ahn but Sh-a-vorn, you really have to drag the end or else you sound like you dont know how to say the name correctly.

  202. It’s a lovely name. I have a few friends named Siobhan and I once worked with a young lady from Pennsylvania who was named…Shivaughn. I guess her mother’s Gaelic was a bit rusty.

  203. I live in an Irish area and am well used to the variety of gaelic names so how to pronounce Siobhan has made me giggle a bit. I’d like to see you lot get to grips with Riognha, Grainne, Aoife, Niamh, Fiachra, Raghnailt, Roisin.

  204. I googled it, too! I read bog child by Siobhan Dowd and needed to present it and didnt want to say wrong! I sure would have without this!

  205. We are considering this name for our daughter, who is due in June. We absolutely love this name, but wonder if it’s torture for the poor girl who will likely have to correct everyone she meets for years to come. It’s a lovely name, but maybe is too difficult for most Americans to pronounce.

    To all the Siobhan’s out there – is it worth it?

  206. Wow I never knew anyone would google search the name. Similar to the other Siobhans I have stories that could go on forever. I have a personalized license plate, so I always get asked how to say my name. What is up with the R in the pronunciation from the other posts? Very interesting. I pronounce it Shavon and often spell it out that way so people don’t pronounce the B in the name. That bothers me above all else. But I would rather someone ask me a zillion times how to pronounce it instead of saying it wrong. Hello to the other Siobhans out there. There aren’t too many of us, I have only ever met 2 Siobhans in person.

  207. It’s a good thing I googled how to say the name of the person that will be interviewing me for internship. You saved me from embarrassment!

  208. gosh..i cant beleieve how many people dont no how 2 pronounce shiobhan/siobhan as you can see my name is spelt shiobhan but siobhan is lot more popular (i think) yh its pronounced sh-vorn so many people av called me sio-ban grrr gets on my nerves lol hehe.
    im half irish but love my name i thinks its great thanx mummy lol 🙂

  209. p.s any shiobhans out there do u av nicknames i av been called shubi since i was like 12 ha ha ha dont ask why its silly (i no)lol

  210. Sh-vorn? huh? it’s not pronounced with an “r” it’s pronounced “shiv-awn” or “shivon”

  211. I love my name. I feel it makes me different from all the Kate’s or Jen’s in the world, though those are great names, too. For those Siobhan’s who want a nickname (I have always been called my my entire name with the exception of my little nieces and nephews) Von works well – easy to spell and a simple reminder that its a V sound as opposed to a B. The R is not the proper Gaelic pronounciation. 🙂

  212. Oh my god!! Never knew there was so much interest in my name!!

    Its a nightmare trying to tell people how to spell it!!

    They say whats your name – you say Siobhan (shove – on) – they ask you to spell it so you do and then they say shiv aun.

    I hate it when people pronounce the name poshly!!

    I do love having Siobhan as my name though!! I have an irish background and it is lovely telling people who ask where i got the name from about it!!

    My main nickname was “bon” on “vonny” or Sio-O-Ban

    I have been called shit – on at times aswell!!

    Thanks for this Kev!!

  213. haha, I online googled it because of The twilight series, there’s a chick named siobhan and i didn’t know how to say it LOL

  214. I’m not sure that’s the way you pronounce Siobhan, but yet what do I know? you know that lots of other countries spell things one way when they are pronounced a whole different way. I got Siobhan from the 4th book of twilight. Have any of you read the twilight books?

  215. ive read twilight so glad to see my name in it i dont see it many places but i love my name! anyway im also looking for a nickname any ideas?

  216. yay thank you for telling people how to pronounce my name sometimes peoples guess on how to pronounce my name can be soooooo far away from the real thing by the way i pronounce my name like sh-uh-von

  217. This is so funny. I was just telling some folks about the spelling and the pronunciation of this name and for some reason decided to google it today. I had read a book when I was young with a character named Siobhan and throughout the entire story I read it as see-oh-ban. It wasn’t until years later I learned the correct pronunciation. Maybe I should post something on how to pronounce MY full name!

  218. I’ve known how to pronounce this since the mid 70s when I first heard the name. I think it is one of the most beautiful names I’ve ever heard. My daughter plans to name her daughter this. BEAUTIFUL Irish name! Thanks

  219. I too am googling the pronounciation. I wanted to name my daughter this, but didn’t know the pronounciation (where were you in 1997?)

    thanks for the help!

  220. i always wondered how the correctly pronounce that name and it started when i met a friend online who’s name is “Siobhan” and i was always afraid to say it wrong when i have a chance of meeting her in person and be embarrassed about it. googling was the last thing i do to find out, but it paid off. thanks.

  221. Ha I always thought it was pronounced Sib-han 😀 thanks for teaching me how to spell it even it wsnt the aim of this post

  222. over the years I’ve been called all sorts of things

    My favourite though was an Australian maths teacher i had when i was about 14, he pronounced my name Sib-hone (rhyming with phone). He had the memory of a goldfish i swear. Each week i’d be like “Sir its pronounced Sho-vone”. he’d be like “Show-van, sorry what did I call ya?”
    I was like “You called me Sib-hone, The B is pronounced v and its a Sh sound.”
    He’d be like “Sorry Show-van”

    Its quite funny though, how many people can’t pronounce it. No one seems to have a problem with Sophie not being pronounced Sop-Hi-Eh or Christiphor not being pronounced Ch-ris-tip-hore.
    maybe someday it will become “fashionable” and every will say it right!!

  223. i sure hope it will be “fashionable” like you say cause even with my easier spelling people still cant pronounce it. it gets annoying but i abbsolutely love my name. the only thing that sucks is that i never meet people that share my name 🙁 and finding a nickname is really hard but other than that i really do love my name

  224. Hello from the Philippines! Yet another googler here… =)
    I got interested in this name because of an actress I saw on TV, Siobhan McCarthy. I thought it was pronounced as Shoban. How wrong I was! Thanks for the help with the pronunciation. Not a lot of Siobhans here in the Philippines =)

    Anyway, its a really beautiful name. I am thinking of naming my daughter as Siobhan =)

  225. ill just keep saying it like Sy – O – Ban i sounds much more exotic that way lol

  226. Wow, Kev! I am another Siobhan here thanks to google. I am American but live in Ireland & have never heard the “Shavorn” pronunciation. Also, there is no American way of spelling the name, the name IS Siobhan and pronounced “Shavon”.

    A big shout out to the other Siobhans. We rock!!

  227. There is some girl at my work with the name “Siobhan”..just never knew how to actually pronounce it, don’t want to say it wrong and look silly..thanks for the help ;D

  228. hi my name is siobhan, and it is pronounced “shivaughn”

    in irish gaelic, the “si” is pronounced “sh” and the “bh” is pronounced “v”

  229. I have a client w/this name and wanted to double check my pronunciation, so I GOOGLEd it 🙂

    Thanks for the web page; the person I once met years ago pronounced it w/out the “r” so I’ll go for that one.

    Amazing how long this little blurb of your blog has lasted, huh?!

  230. Wow, I don’t know how long I have wondered how to say Siobhan. I had though about it and said so many different and was not even close! Eowyn is another and finally received my pronunciation from Lord of the Rings. Thank you very much.

  231. Wow, every now and then I have wondered how to say Siobhan. I had thought about it in my mind and said so many different ways and was not even close! Eowyn is another and finally received my pronunciation from Lord of the Rings. Thank you very much.

  232. The name Siobhan is actually gaelic. There pronunciation is quite strange but it isn’t stupid for it to be pronounced shavon. Sio is like sha. and bh makes the v sound. so you have shavan XD

  233. Considering the fact that it is MY name, everyone always tells me I say it wrong. Most people pronounce the name ‘shee-van’ for a female, but I am male and I say it differently. I say it seeb-on, because that is the way my father says it. Saying it that way allows for the awesome nickname of Seb, although it makes most people think my name is Sebastien.

  234. haha im kinda glad my parents named me this i love it! my parents also changed it from the original irish spelling so that people could pronounce/spell it although i still do get called the occasional shave-on sharon you name it ive probably been called it! but i dont really mind because my name is unique and its cool to be different!

  235. Yeah to repeat what’s already been said: in gaelic ‘Sio-‘ is ‘sha/shi’ and ‘bh’ is ‘v’. Also, I live in Ireland (alot of Siobháns) and we allll have ‘á’ instead of ‘a’… Explaining how the ‘-bhan’ is pronounced as an elongated ‘a’ or as an ‘o’. Maybe the accented ‘a’ just didn’t make it out of Ireland? Poor thing… 😛

  236. Ah, for ages it bugged me how to pronounce Siobhan. I always thought it was “Sigh-oh-ban” Pretty, but now that I know it “Shivon” I feel much better!
    I’m learning a heap about Irish/Gaelic pronounciation. I met a girl called Caiomhe, and her name was actually pronounced “Kwee-Vah”. It’s a whole great new pronunciation experience when you go to Ireland!

  237. geez little things hey lol i have lived with this name for 23 years so far and boy does it get messy!!!!
    got called sabrina the other day wat a bunch of fools ;p


  238. all my friends call me shiv it works for me i guess!!!

    we have a lot of irish names in our family just not irish blood lol

    my sister is called roisin now that is a funny thing when ppl try that one!!!

  239. Haha, I’m another person who just googled how to pronounce Siobhann! I was challenged to try and pronounce the name, so now that I know I’LL WIN! HAR HAR! It was very helpful, thank you! <3

  240. Well, might as well add myself to the list!! I am in fact of Iish nationality but a British citizen so i feel i have a right to present my views that NOT ALL OF US WISH TO BE CALLED ‘SHA-VORN/SHI-VORN/SHU-VAWN’ whatever variation i MUCH prefer ‘SHA-VON’ Simple, suits my southern british accent and that of my friends (my mother is irish and was brought up in Dublin/county wicklow as well as my father who is a true dubliner and they both pronounce it the same as me!!!) so PLEEEASE don’t ‘stress’ the ‘awwwwn’ importance of pronouncition–it annoys me!! Thanks x x x

  241. Haha I enjoy reading that people had to look it up because that is my name except I spell it “Shavawn”
    lots of my friends just call my Vawny or Vawn vawn or Vonski etc
    wow alot of people google it haha.

  242. My daughter’s 1st name is Siobhan….it is a family name pronounced SHA’ von. We call her Bashi (Bash e). This is because her cousin could not seem to pronounce her name (in her defence she WAS only 2). she kept pronouncing is BASH sha von. So Bash…Bashi just stuck.

  243. As to the sometimes-r at the end, the Irish Bostonians here in the states love to say Cuber instead of Cuba. The ‘r’ has to be a regional thing.
    The other interesting thing is that the Bh being pronounced as ‘v’ is the opposite of the Spanish ‘v’ being pronounced as ‘b’. At least in Mexico. So veinte (twenty) is pronounced “baint-ay.”
    It’s a wonder we can communicate at all!

  244. My friend is named Shavon and she pronounces it Sha-Vone (but doesn’t mind if folks call her “Sha-vahn” since she has no basis of comparison). Her father heard the name on the radio some 40 years ago and insisted that she name their next daughter “Shavon.” [Her mother spelled it phonetically since she had never seen the name in writing.] My friend was very surprised to hear that the name was Celtic and the original spelling was Siobhan.

    I also have a new doctor named Siobhan and when I saw her name tag and said that I just LOVED the name “Sha-von” she beamed at someone knowing how to properly pronounce her name.

  245. I’ve loved reading this. I too spent my childhood with my name being mispronounced. I don’t find it as much of a problem now.
    I remember the first time I figured out how to put the accent over the a like this: á. I was so excited because that is truly the correct way to spell my name. The accent is important, it draws out the a to an “awe” as opposed to an “anne”. Thus: Shevaun ( the e is a short one as well).

  246. i have a friend who spells her name Seobahn. She says it is pronounced si (as in “*si*p”) and bawn (as in lawn). ?? Hope this helped!

  247. Hey im called Siobhan too. Most of my friends call me Shiv, Vourney, or Shivorney. However where im from it is pronounced Shivorne. Over the years tho iv had some very ‘interesting’ spellings and pronunciations of it especially when i began work, most being men haha

  248. I love this thread ! I’ve lived my life having my name mispronounced & mocked. I’ve come to accept mangled versions, ( it’s hard to educate ignorants) & therefore it is a joy to hear it said correctly. I have come to really love my Gaelic name. It pronounces my heritage.

  249. Hey! I’m married to a Siobhan. She also got the soybean nickname in high school among many others. I was looking for evidence that the traditional spelling includes an accent over the a, like Siobhán. Guess I got my evidence from Siobhán from Ireland a few posts back. Thanks!

  250. Hi from Melbourne… I too Googled the pronunciation of Siobhan after seeing the name quite a few places and latest in the series Outrageous Fortune from NZ which if any of you want to watch is the BEST series ever 🙂 Anyway thanks again for the Website I feel quite clever again now as the way I thought it was pronounced was right 🙂 Thanks !!

  251. Another google hit — seeking pronunciation! Read it years ago pre-google, now just found out I will be working with a Siobhan so thought I should know how to say it! THANKS Kev!

  252. my name is siobhan and i hate HATE it does anyone like it but people call sighohbhahan pronounce sigh as in ahh oh as in ohhhhhh bha as in baaaa ans han = han that didnt make any sense oh well.but o well bye :p

  253. I hope Google is paying you for this…thanks for the pronunciation help. I think it’s sort of an obnoxious, pretentious name.

  254. Thanks! I have a friend named Shivaun and she often spells it Siobhan. I just wondered if you say it the same, and I didn’t want to ask her and sound s-t-u-p-i-d.

  255. my name is siobhan and i am still in high school and for every teacher i have they stuff up my name. it is soo frustrating i like yell at them and then they threaten me wit a detention. so i say there name wrong and they yell at me. so im like WTF.
    the ways they say my name r like wtf i get,
    Si-Si-Si-i give up.
    SSSSSSSSSSs *stares at name untill i say my name*
    its so frustrating

  256. I saw it in an Inspector Rebus novel (Ian Rankin)
    Always wondered how to pronounce it. Thanks

  257. My baby cousin is called Siobhan so I when i found out her name my mum said it then told me how it was spelt. And to this day she constantly asks me how to spell it. Just sent me a txt a few minutes ago asking actually. It’s 2am.

  258. How funny, I too am a googler on this name! I met someone named Soibhan (in writing) and I have been avoiding her(in person) for fear of pronunciation! My name is also different. It is Symea (pron: Simia) a combination if Symphony and medea……it was the 60’s so i didn’t ask many questions!thanks all!

  259. no one ever gets my name right when they try and pronounce it! but my name is sioban without the h 🙂

  260. My name is Siobhan and I am always called “Sio-bahn” even though it is really “Shavon” but the S is like the s in “vision” not “fish.”

  261. I was googling how to pronounce tazo, and “how to pronounce siobhan” was a popular search so, out of curiosity I searched it. This was the first site to come up. I always thought it was SEE YO BUH HAN due to my ignorance. Well, now I know!

  262. It’s so nice to see how many Siobhán’s are out there. I was born in England,(my Mom named me after the Irish actress Siobhan McKenna)and I grew up in the states. There were no other Siobhán’s in school with me but I ended up working with two women who had my name and same spelling. I couldn’t believe how many people have been called “Soybean” just like me! Glad to see so many people “googling” to educate themselves on the pronunciation instead of slaughtering the name…

  263. ditto on why im here, trying to figure out the proper pronouncation for siobhan. some audio of it would really help tho… thanks!

  264. My name is also Siobhán (I pronounce it sha-von) and I love my name. Some people have problems pronouncing it but it doesn’t bother me at all. I am an Irish girl living in the U.S and I love that my name shows my Irish roots. I think of my name as a gift that my parents gave me and I cherish it, I love not being ‘Jenny/Sara/Jessica/everyone else!

  265. Watch the movie ‘Rory O’Shea Was Here’ (also called ‘Inside I’m Dancing’) the lead girl is named Siobhán and you can hear the name said again and again.

  266. My name too is Siobhan and it does my head in when people tell me I don’t know how to spell my name. How ignorant? It’s an Irish name, obviously it’s not going to be spelt the way it sounds in the English accent.

  267. I have always loved this name. I am of Irish heritage, but live in the US. I am expecting, and have been considering naming my child Siobhan if it is a girl. My husband is reluctant because he thinks nobody will know how to pronounce it, and honestly, he is probably right.

    Siobhán Maher, who posted here on 22 November 2008, is right about the Irish pronounciation. It is what she says it is pronounced: shuh-vawn. I have family in Ireland, and that is how they all say it (also, I Googled a Website with Irish names, and the voice is an Irish-accented voice, and this is how he pronounced it, as well).

    I have to say seeing a few people here write about the “shove-on” pronunciation is giving me pause about using this name!

  268. Reminds me of my own situation, living in an english-speaking milieu with a french name that offers three challenges to an english-speaker…

  269. You should really consider putting up some adsense on this post to make money on all of us that find you through google’s “how to pronounce Siobhan”

  270. hi in am shevaun and i spell my name like >shevaun like that thats how my name is spelt ! you prononce it like
    SH – VORN
    its the same but spelt differntly there are loads of ways to spell shevaun-sioban-Shivaun-shivawn-

    my friends call me shevi , shavan

    thanks shevaun x

  271. i used to get so sad at christmas time at school when none of my cards had the right spelling on 🙁
    But this is awesome, so many people sharing the love for our awesome name 🙂

  272. I google this name about one a year…I always forget how to pronounce it….I look at it and KNOW it not said the way I want to say it….so google it every 12 months or so….

  273. New at work and someone called Siobhan sent in an email request and now I have to call her on the phone. Had no idea how to pronounce the name but didn’t want to ask her. So google to the rescue and voila! I too think it’s a beautiful name. Thanks Kev!

  274. I first heard the name on an old soap.Then 4 got.Then heard it somewhere again asked again&no one knew.The last time I was reading in the local paper about the activities in the local park,& a little girl has the same name,well that got me going again,I even asked my Irish neighbors,she thought that I made the name up,Well thank u very much now I can finally put it 2 rest.

  275. My names Siobhan, and it actually makes sense if you use phonograms:
    si makes sh
    o is obvious
    bh makes a “v” sound
    and an is also obvious
    🙂 tada!

  276. I’ve always wondered how to prounce Siobhan, and since the lead singer in one of my favorite bands name is Siobhan, I’d thought I’d Google it. It’s a very pretty name 🙂
    I wonder just how many people Google how to prounce Siobhan a year….

  277. I named my daughter Siobhan, 25yrs ago and had only ever heard the name once before, but was aware that it was gaelic for Joan. the most annoying pronounciation that someone insisted on was calling her sio-bhan and there was no telling her. I’ve always loved the name though my daughter does get it shortened to shiv or shivvie which Iam not so keen on either.

  278. You’re still Google’s Number One! Thanks for the explanation, and posting the actual people named Siobhan, good to know!

  279. My old art teacher called me “so how you been” the first day of school , and someone else called me ” soybon”. It’s ridiculous. But still, entertaining watching teachers make a fool of themselves because they can’t pronouce my name.

  280. I absolutely love the name. I first saw it when I went to watch Lord of the Dance (which is amazing) and the lead dancer’s name was Siobhan. I was like Sa-Ban thats weird. lol She was so talented and if I have a daughter one day I will name her that after her.

  281. Hi everybody! 😉

    Im Siobhán & im from South Africa. We pronounce my name the Irish way- Sha-vorn.

    I HATE!! it when people try and correct me when i introduce myself! I’ll be like, “Hi, im Siobhán” and they’ll be like “Chevonne??” AND THEN I’LL BE LIKE” WHO THE F*CK GETS THEIR OWN NAME WRONG?!?!? i said sherrr-vorrrrn!!!” idiots…

    I was the only Siobhan throughout my whole school life and currently at my places of work, although i’ve met a couple of others with the same spelling and pronunciation.

    My family is of irish descent, so my father wanted an irish name for me, Siobhán(and i ALWAYS insist on the accent-its just not Sioán without it! 🙂 hehehe) He looked in book shops and libraries for Irish and Gaelic names just to get the correct pronunciation.

    Btw…im i the ONLY Siobhán, thats nickname is vorn??? like Vaughan…. I love it, hate shivvie or shivvy, or shiv or anything else. My mom sometimes calls me vorny, And my friends sometimes joke “vornys horny” lol, what losers! haha! and my sister calls me chevonne when she irritates me becos i hate that name! and she calls me sean (shawn).

    I love my name and i love telling people where it comes from and what it means. I just hate having to correct people who refuse to pronounce my name correctly, and to spell it correctly…but i make them do it!!! even if it’s 50 times a day!

    IM PROUD TO BE ONE OF THE VERY FEW SIOBHANS IN SOUTH AFRICA!!! hope you guys are enjoying the world cup!!


  282. btw its 4:54pm by me, not 10am lol.



    You really have a beautiful name ?

  283. oh and my LASTTT comment 🙂 for the accent it alt 160=á.

    Oh and my pronunciation has been confirmed from irish friends. who are from the north (Might be accent related but oh well.)

  284. I have just completed a deportment and grooming course with another lady named ‘siobhan’. i never once used her name i did not know how to pronounce it. In Breaking Dawn (#4 in the “Twilight” Series by Stephenie Meyer) there is a vampire named ‘Siobhan’. Today, my best guy friend introduced me to his sister… Her name being ‘Siobhan’. it seems such a rare name, then you hear it once and 70 kazillion pop out at you!!! Its a unique yet graceful name. I like it.

  285. To keep fit, I row, and one of the ladies in my crew is named Siobhan, nicknamed ‘Von’ or ‘Vonny’. If you are form Australia you will know what I mean when I say her nickname is pronounced the same way as Von from All Saints.

  286. My name is siobain ,spelled in old Irish before an H was introduced to Irish Alphabet. I have the dictionary from the 1800’s as proof my ma born in Kerry picked it out because she did not car for the ending sound of Siobhan, Sha Vonn. My name is pronounced Sha-Vaughn, not shi-von. The book atatyes trhe definition as a dubious welcome,talk about having the odds stacked against u from birth. Growing up in Long Island NY there R far & few Siobhan’s let alone Siobain. There is (Fada Shava) a dot and a slash in the name tha changes the sounds. The h was introdused to language and one of the marks was done away with.
    Siobain From Long Island NY

  287. Hah! I would like to note that you are the second-to-the-top Google result right now for “How do you pronounce Siobhan”! Very amusing, considering your post. Thank you, and cheers!

    (And I was Googling because of Siobhan in Marr’s “Wicked Lovely” series, as opposed to Twilight. I knew it was either Irish or Gaelic, and therefore highly unlikely to be pronounced the way it appears spelled to an American like me.)

  288. I donno I mean I haven’t got any friends with the name Siobahn but I have a girl called Prwingay which is pronounced “perninay”

  289. Just adding to the collection of comments! I thought I knew but wanted to make sure as I just came across a Siobhan…I say ShaVaughn. I love it! If my name wasn’t already cool I’d change it. 😉

  290. we were goin 2 name our daughter siobhan then discoverd dat my partner cant spel it if had a few drinkz so we going with willow.am tellin u though i have best name ever.tegwen iiifanwy.its mad lol.nice 2 see how to pronounce siobhan though,its a beautiful name.x

  291. My name is Siobhan. Alot of people couldn’t pronounce it but i love the name.

  292. Wow I wasnt the only one in the world who googled how to pronounce Siobhan! haha and now i know how to pronounce it! Thanks guys!! 🙂

  293. 4 and half years running. Wow. I just started searching my geneaology and I have a distant grandmother with the name. Just love it!!

  294. I’m called Siobhan too!!
    I’m from England and growing up I never came across another Siobhan. I hated my name as a kid, as there was never nothing with my name on, you know like them mugs you get with little girls names like claire lucy and the rest… Never was there a Siobhan though!! Grrr

    However I now love my name, and never tire of people telling me it sounds beautiful… Just wish I could stop spelling it out for everyone… I’ve got into the habit of spelling it before even saying it when giving someone my name! Lol

    My irish uncle once explained to me why my name is spelt the way it is and it is apprently because the Si in gaelic make a ‘sh’ sound the bh a ‘v’ sound and the an and ‘awn’ sound which i guess would explain Sian…

    And by the way my Dad is Irish hence why I was called it, he always loved the name…

  295. Yep! Me too… I googled it after I had an email from someone whose name is Sh’vorn ….

    Siobhan is MUCH better!

    Thanks for this (very funny) and informative post.

  296. from one irish name to another!

    great post!!!!

    i also felt the need to add to it.

  297. First time seeing this spelling when I went to Ireland this summer. I have always loved the pronunciation. I love the Gaelic spelling even more.

  298. As a Scot I’ve always known Siobhan to be pronounced ‘Shivon’ but there’s a girl that gives the traffic news on a local radio station named Siobhan and she pronounces it as ‘Shiban’

  299. I came across it again in a Ken Bruen novel American Skin.
    It has a 2 page glossary of words used in the book, way
    better than nothing, his last book based on Scotland forced me to look up over 80 words.

  300. Hi I am another Siobhan. And man all my life, everyone except my family, always mispronounce my name. I especially get annoyed when I’m, let’s say, waiting to be called at a doctor’s office and I see the nurse sounding out the S letter for a few minutes looking confused, that’s my cue and I know it’s me so I just get up and wave my hand to spare her the pain!
    When I was growing up, I really hated my name. I always asked my mom why she named me such an ugly name. Now that I’m older, I feel kind of special because not a lot of people have this name and it’s quite unique. I just wish people would ask me how to pronounce it instead of assuming that it’s pronounced, “Si-O-Ban!” Ugh! Annoys me just thinking about Si-O-Ban!!!
    by the way, great post!

  301. Finally! I hear about someone else who is called Siobhan! I’m pretty sure that I’m one of two people in Australia called Siobhan -3-“

  302. Thank you so much for educating people on the pronunciation. I cant tell you how many people call me Si-O-Ban without even asking how its pronounce. Then you have the people who NEVER researched the pronunciation of the name but named their children Siobhan and argue with me and say that their name is pronounced Se-O-Ban O_0 ABSURD!

  303. I have been called soy bean. I expected many of my nicknames to be pretty common but soy bean?????? lol ill have to tell a few people they are really nowhere near as original as they think they are…

    I saw a few people talking about “si” being the same as “sh”. It’s actually soft vowels..
    also, the “bh” being a “V”, well, there is also “dh”, or sometimes “dhbh”. for example, my sisiter’s name is five with an s, but it is spelled saidhbh
    To everyone talking about Shivon, or Shavon as alternate spellings…. well u make me angry. If I told you my name was Monica, but it was spelled mawnickah because that was easier to pronounce… that’s just stupid. If your name is siobhan spelled shavon, shivon, chevonne… it’s not your fault, but it’s really not an Irish name anymore.

    if you really wanna hear some fun Irish names, theres meadhbh, dathi, saoirse, coimhe, niamhe, aodh, aoife, grainne, edin, aisling, laegaire, Naoise… etc 🙂 have fun trying to pronounce those!!!

  304. Siobhan is one of the prettiest names I have ever heard. I met a Siobhan in high school and the name just stuck with me. Fast forward 25 years, and I have a beautiful 10 year old with the name Siobhan Catherine. Her nickname is Shivie too…though we pretty much call her anything LOL Shivs, chibs, chubs, shivie, shivie-shavie, shavonnawannadingdong (my personal favorite lol)

  305. Oh, p/s for those worried about being teased…no, she doesn’t get teased, not at all. But she does wind up with a lot of kooky nicknames, most of which (as you can see) I started 🙂 She doesn’t mind, she thinks it’s cute and she adores her name as well.

  306. Jipppppiee. Now I c I’m not alone always thought I’m the onley 1 with a weird name but know I see I’m not alone, dam how hard is it to get people to get ur name my own boyfriend can’t even prinounce it right but hey what can I say makes me feel kinda special, but thanx for setting up a page on it so from know on I’m going to tell the people just google it hehe thanx

  307. Looking up how to pronounce a name in a mystery book and found this family of strangers discussing this name for years and years. Too much!

  308. I came across this page by accident. As a few others have explained…

    The Irish alphabet has a different amount of letters than the English does, thereby creating different sounds with the combination of letters: “si” makes an “sh” sounds & “bh” makes a “v” sound. As another explained here, there is an accent over the “a”, (called a “fada a” (which I cannot spell!)). I’ve never heard anyone pronounce (not even my family who live in Ireland) Siobhan with an “r” towards the end. In America, we tend to hear “Sha-von”, whereas in Ireland, my family tends to call me “Shi-von”.

    It makes me laugh that people make such a big deal about the nick names people have for them. We all have them. I love that my own sister and best friend call me “Sio”. I see it as term of endearment.

    It translates into Joan (which in Christianity means “Gift of God”. It’s the feminine form of John or (Sean with an accent over the a–otherwise the word means “old”.)

    As a child, the name can prove difficult. But in this day and age, my children go to school with kids who have quite the assortment of names, esp depending upon where you live in the US. I chose to give my kids simpler names, but names that I love nonetheless. I love my name, as it’s unique and my parents named me out of love. They are both from Ireland and I am proud of my heritage.

    Someone here mentioned Sinead means Jennifer. The direct translation should be Jeanne. Kev, have you met enough Siobhan’s for a lifetime now? 🙂

  309. Amazing how many people have come to this page to clarify the pronunciation! If you google “how to pronounce s”, it automatically comes up with Siobhan..

    I always thought it was Persian.. It has a Persian sort of look to it haha. Irish.. Would never have guessed!

  310. I was reading a book by Elin Hilderbrand which has the name siobhan in it. I was half way through the book and it bothered me that I probably wasn’t reading the name right so I decided to google. I can’t believe there are this many comments about this one name. Unreal. I didn’t expect to find anything. And incidently, I was pronouncing it “Sibon.” I thought it had a middle eastern look to it too. Thanks!

  311. I just heard from a long lost adopted away relative (niece)whose name is Siobhan, and her long lost adopted away brother tells me that her name is the Irish for Joan -which is me!







  313. @ “sculpin”
    LOL, I notice you corrected her first name, but you got her lastname wrong too! Its F-A-H-E-Y. =D

  314. It’s amazing to see so many persons trying to pronounce Siobhan. That’s my daughters name and it was a blast hearing how people pronounced it, but I’m glad to see that others are curious about the pronunciation. As the meaning of the name says, ‘God’s Grace’ or ‘God is Gracious’, I’m just happy that because of his grace, I have a beautiful daughter!

  315. I was trying to tell my husband who babysat the kids (Siobahn, a 16 year old neighbor girl) and he said “Is she black?” – I said no, it’s an Irish name (I only know because I lived in Ireland)… So I googled it to show him and came up with this. Very Ironic, as our last name is Gallagher and he doesn’t know a darned thing about anything Irish.

  316. i was looking up the name Shevon(pronounced sha-vawn) and knew it was also spelled Siobhan.

  317. So funny and amazing to see all the interest in “my” name! I don’t go by any nickname (my mother was opposed to nicknames for any of her children), but I totally relate to being called “Si-o-bain”, “See-o-bon”, soybean and (how’s this)? “Soylent Green”! That movie came out when I was in 7th or 8th grade, so I was called “Soylent Green” for a while! My mother (born and raised in Ireland) told me that my spelling (no ‘h’, but with an ‘i’) was because she was educated by nuns from Munster (one of the four provinces of Ireland), and in their Gaelic dialect my named was spelled this way. I was born in Ireland, but was raised in the USA, so I can also relate to the stories of having teachers struggle with how to pronounce my name (if I liked them, I helped them out; if I didn’t, I didn’t)! Now that I’m a bit more mature -LOL-, I am kinder in helping people pronounce and remember my name. But I love it, and wouldn’t have wanted to be called anything else! BTW, in a posting from way back, someone mentioned going to school with a girl named Siobain, who was tall and “purdy”. Well, I am tall . . .

  318. Woah it’s crazy this has so many comments, I’m Irish and have two friends called Siobhan, I never thought about how unusual it must be outside Ireland, and how hard pronounced!

  319. Ok so for years i really asked my mom like everyday if she was pernouncing it correctly. I thaught i was the only one with a name like mine as I get older I meet people who know someone with Siobhan spelling. i enjoy my name now but when i was younger during role call i waited for a long pause toward the end of the alphabet!!
    peace to all Siobhan’s 🙂

  320. It’s so comforting to know that other people are called soybean. I have some worse nicknames though. One of my friend’s brothers asked me once “Siobhan, has anyone ever called you Shabutt before.” It’s rather humiliating.

  321. Dia Dhuit, mo chairde! I’m another Siobhan and it’s definately pronounced like ‘Shiv-awn’! It’s amazing that so many of you guys are wondering about the name. As an Irish girl, I really love my Irish name. The Ni Suibhne above (pronounced knee swiv na) is my irish surname. Just to mention, that in the name Siobhan, there is a little stroke that goes over the ‘a’ called a ‘fada’ (pronounced like ‘fodda’ – phew, the Irish language eh? 🙂 ). It’s this little stroke that gives the ‘a’ the ‘aw’ sound. In our Irish language, without the fada, the name would sound like shiv-anne. It’s the same with the name Sean. There is a fada over the ‘a’ to give it the ‘aw’ sound. When other people write my name, I hate it when they leave the fada out. To me, the name without the fada is spelled incorrectly and takes the Irishness out of it. Slan agus beannacht mo chairde 🙂

  322. And one last thing, no one, absolutely NO ONE in Ireland pronounces Siobhan with an R to get shivorn. If you are have the name Siobhan and are pronouncing it with an R well then the name has been pronounced incorrectly somewhere along the way and the correct pronunciation has been lost in translation. In the Irish language we DO NOT add in ‘R’s’ where there are none. I speak fluent Irish and no where else in the Irish language, in no other word is there an ‘r’ pronounced where there is no ‘r’ in the actual spelling and Siobhan is no different. The British (and maybe other countries worldwide) tend to add the ‘r’ sound into words where there are none, but we do not do that in the Irish language. If anyone would like to contact me for further information, please feel free. Sibhyswee@eircom.net

  323. It’s said Sh-vorn… I hate it when people call me shivon it’s so annoying!!! I love it when foreign people try to pronounce my name hehe

  324. Thank you! I read this name in a book and then I saw it spelled in a documentary about an Irish family and I could not hear it! It has been bothering me ever since! Thanks! It is a beautiful name and I am glad that (in most cases) that it has not been changed to “Chevon” or whatever. Love this name!

  325. My name is Siobain,it is spelled in old Irish,before there was an “H” in the alphabet.My name is pronounced ,Sha-Vaughn.There is a shava & a fada in my name,it means “A dubious welcome”.I have the English /Irish dictionary ,my ma got it from.She was born & raised in Kerry sent to the states alone age 14,her studies were in Irish. I have an older sister & brother,10 & 11 yrs between my sister Moira & my brother O’Connor.They were given names that could be pronounced here in the USA ,unlike me.I have been tortured living in the USA with a Gaelic name,worse spelled in old Gaelic which is a dead language. I am 45 now & proud of my name,the struggles I went through ,with it,have made me a better person today.I had a prof of the irish language tell me my ma spelled my name wrong.It was a BEAUTIFUL FEELING to show him the actual book it came from.No one knows everything about everything,that is a fact of life.I would send you a pic of the dictionary,but no way to put a link for ya.
    GOD BLESS ALL. & the haters who seem to know it all and say how the name should be spelled.I am from a culture & people far superior to be common.They have their own language & it is now the national language of the country if IRELAND!

  326. Thank you for this! I have seen musicians named Siobhan, heard the name on television, but never could grasp the pronunciation. Even the IPA was not too helpful, but “shivon” made the most sense. As someone whose last name is frequently mispronounced, it’s nice to finally have the correct pronunciation. Thank You!!

  327. Looool – To think I have been pronouncing it in my head as See-Orb-Han since I first came across the name as a kid.

    Thankfully, I have never met any Siobhan IRL so have so far managed to avoid a faux pas.

    Thanks for enlightening me. I shall henceforth make efforts to seek out people named Siobhan just so I can pronounce their name.

  328. Thank you so much I’m currently reading the book Ralph’s Party by Lisa Jewell and the character name was throwing me, I honestly thought it was a name from India, I can now read in happiness knowing how to pronounce the characters name!

    very sorry if there’s double messages from me, the character word thing didn’t work in my version of Chrome.

    regards and once again thanks!

  329. My daughter is Siobhan and answers to the pronunciation of Sha vaughn and Shi vonn but gets upset at Sio bann!!!
    I must say I did have her spelling it correctly from the age of 2 as I told her no one else would be able to spell it let alone say it. Unfortunately she also has an Irish surname which is often mispronounced.
    In response to 7 Jan 2012, the reason the Siobhans came across this page was probably the same for most……
    by googling ‘how to pronounce Siobhan’…….

  330. I think all the characters in the TV series Ringer is mispronouncing Siobhan even the character’s British husband. I hear the sound ‘b’ in the name all the time – like “shib-awn”. Funny.

  331. I had looked up the pronounciation of Siobhan previously and had forgotten it. While I was watching “The Maharajah’s Motor Cars” I was impressed by Siobhan Lambert-Hurley because she presented the facts very well and had a nice voice….the fact that she is also very pretty had nothing to do with it…and I decided to check, once more, on how to pronounce Siobhan. Thank you for the array of answers and at least I can get in the ballpark, though Siobhans the world over can’t seem to agree on precisely how to say their beautiful name. That really was an excellent program on Smithsonian so check it, and Siobhan, out if you get the chance.

  332. Haha, thats myy nameee!
    Right so,
    my friends always called me siobhan, but they said it like “Sy-obb-hann” Just like its spelt, I proved them wrong and told them its said “She-vonn” so thankss so muuch for like proving me right, even though idk who the heck you are lol!!! Byeee

  333. My BFFLz:
    Isla and Frankie.
    They’re my bezz’s and like i said beforeee….I…………………..PROVED ‘EM RIGHT!XxXxXx Luv yah isla and frankkz x

  334. My name is Shevaun!
    My mother only knew the spelling of “Siobhan”
    and did not want to spell it that way because she
    knew NO ONE would know how to pronounce it. But one of
    her friend’s had a nurse who spelled it S-h-e-v-a-u-n.
    Also can be spelled Shavon.

  335. ^^^^ Oh and I also have a boyfriend named Kevin..
    call him “Kev” haha thought that was funny.

  336. Me to – just googled how to pronounce Siobhan! lols Felt like an idiot but now i feel better, others have googled it too lols:) Thanx!

  337. Guess who also googled it. You should really make a website or something (“the impossible pronounciation of Siobhan) or at least upload a video with thousands of people saying the name 😀
    (by the way, I pronounced it especially miserable before, I splitted the b and the h so it was kind of “See-up-hun”, lol)

  338. I’m in my fifties. When i grew up with the name Siobhan, nobody had unusual names. I think it made me very shy and the i hated the first day of school. My dad was from Ireland and gave all his children Irish names. I do appreciate it much more now. And i’m amused and perhaps annoyed by the posters who ridiculed the spelling. Very small minded to not comprehend the United States is a melting pot of many unique and beautiful cultures.

  339. Well me too! Needed to know how it is pronounced because actually I already heard it on the TV show Ringer but I’ve never been sure if you really pronounce it with a V instead of a B. Now I know, thanks 🙂

  340. Well me too! Needed to know how it is pronounced because actually I already heard it on the TV show Ringer but I’ve never been sure if you really pronounce it with a V instead of a B. Now I know, thanks 🙂

  341. I had a girlfriend once whose name is Siobhan. I learned how to spell her name after learning how to say it. I was surprised and confused. How do you get “sheh-von” from something that looks like it should be pronounced “see-oh-be-hon”? (related to Obewon Kenobe, the Jedi-Knight? – Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)
    I agree with earlier posts – definitely a beautiful name.
    For me, it got it’s allure from the beautiful woman it belonged to.

    If you’re wondering; she ran off with a married man.

  342. Its hard growing up in a world of Siobhan’s and whatnots galore ;D

    Thanks google you wonderful little engine that could!

    Beautiful name btw.. just might name my first daughter Siobhan.. love it!

  343. Amazing that you originally posted this in 2004 and we are STILL googling the pronounciation. Thanks for providing the answer, Kev.

  344. OK, so for those who are confused, the bh in Gaeilge is what’s called an “aspirated consonant” and is also present in “mh” as well (ie. Sláinte Mhaith (Slahn-chay wah) – Good Health) which is pronounced like a “w” in english.

  345. OK, so for those who are really confused, the bh in Gaeilge is what’s called an “aspirated consonant” and is also present in “mh” as well (ie. Sláinte Mhaith (Slahn-chay wah) – Good Health) which is pronounced like a “w” in english.

  346. As someone named Siobhán – and a Gaeilge speaker – I explain this in simple terms – LOL – in Irish aka Gaeilge – there is a concept known in English as “aspirated consonants” – bh and mh are 2 of them (ie Sláinte Mhaith – Slahn-chay wah – Good Health) they are approximately v and w. the mispronunciation of my name has cause me to have friends call me by the diminutive of my middle name – Patricia – aka “Trish”

  347. I struggle to get names. And I met Siobhan along with many others that day. Heard her name said one time. Not nearly enough for me to get it “locked in”. I figured when I saw it written, I’d be all set… Hahahaha, well, no. Of course, of all those I met that day, she is the one I’m still in contact with, and had no idea how to say her name, until I found this site.

  348. I’ve been reading Ian Rankin’s books and SIOBAHN is the female dective in his stories with Inspecter Rebus. I needed to know how to pronounce as i was killing it and then just said “S” everytime her name came up,. NOW I know and it will make me enjoy his books even more. ME/

  349. I was just googling my own name, out of complete boredom. I’m from Wales and I’m sure my father had part Irish in him, I’m not sure though.
    It really irritates me when people pronounce my name SHI vawn.. It’s SHU VORN not shubon, not shivawn not si o Bhan.. Not shuvon… I’ve been called many different things in my life time at school all of my friends call me shuv (shove).. Many teachers have said my name wrong and it always turns out to be a comical moment when it comes to my name on the register. The worst was when I was called SEBASTIAN/ shuboner.. I did get teased for about a year for that.. I got used to it though then people stopped.. I don’t know whether I like my name although I get really excited when I meet someone with the same name. It doesn’t happen very often.. But yeah.. SHU VORN 🙂

  350. I googled my way here too. I typed only ‘Siobhon’ and this post appeared in number 3! My sister’s new English teacher’s name is Siobhon and she told me it was something like ‘siwon’. So I had to google it. For a non-naive English speaker, a foreign names (non-english) like this are very difficult and quite frustrating to read. Thank you a lot for making this easier! 🙂

  351. Siobhan is on the whiskey, Siobhan is on the gin, Siobhan is drinking a Red Bull and vodka and won’t be home again. I stay up late here every night, although it is no sin, Siobhan is on the whiskey and she won’t be home again.

  352. Greetings from another Siobhan. I’m from Ireland and have therefore learned to speak the Irish language! The Irish alphabet consists of the following 18 letters: a b c d e f g h i l m n o p r s t u. The vowels can also have an acute accent, this is called a fada. It comes from the irsh for long which is fad, and as you might have guessed, elongates or accentuates the vowel. In the name Siobhan, there should be a fada over the ‘a’, but I have omitted it here as I’ve noticed in previous posts that the spelling turns into rubbish when other people have tried to use it. So, bearing in mind that there should be a fada on the ‘a’, the end of the name is pronounced “awn”….there is not, and should be an ‘r’ in sight! The inclusion of an ‘r’ is a British thing, in the same way that I’ve often heard British people say “draw-r a line” instead of “draw a line”! With regard to the middle of the name, the ‘bh’ is most commonly pronounced ‘v’, but there are some dialects in which it is pronounced ‘w’, hence the two different authentic pronunciations of the name. With only 18 letters in the alphabet, it is a regular occurance that a combination of two or even three letters produces a sound that might be created by the equivalent of one letter in the english alphabet. The beginning of the name is more difficult to explain. The best example I can give is to as you say “shush”, having done that, repeat it, this time omitting the second ‘sh’! (As a general rule, the ‘s’ in the Irish language is pronounced ‘sh’ when followed by a slender vowel, but ‘s’ when followed by a broad vowel). So, we can now put the entire name together and come up with Shvawn or Shwawn. If you need to write it, please don’t forget to include the fada….and if you’ve been pronouncing it with an ‘r’ in it, please try to get it right!

  353. …..grrrrrr….I’ve just read my post above and have noticed that a very important word is missing! Instead of “there is not, and should be an ‘r’ in sight!”, it should read “there is not, and should NOT be an ‘r’ in sight!” Sorry if I have caused any confusion!

  354. Ohmygod, there’s another Siobhan K above me! Greetings to you. 🙂 I googled my name to see if that’s how other people pronounced the name, and I was bored. Yep, it is pronounced ‘Shi-von’, with the accent on the ‘Von’ part, so it’s really ‘Shi-VON’
    It’s a gaelic name, but I’m not gaelic. I’m from north-east Scotland! 😀
    Plus, do you know the meaning of the name? Lol, it basically means ‘White Fairy’. The ‘Bhan’ part of it means white, but anyway that’s what I’ve been told.

  355. I am yet another Siobhan…

    I live in South Africa and it is not a common name. So many people cannot pronounce my name.

    My dad could not spell my name till I was 9 (he spelt it Siohban), so I forgive those who cant spell it.

    I have had people try to tell me how to pronounce my name because I an wrong! Really?

    I think it is a beautiful name and love it.

  356. Hello Kev (Kev? Really?),

    I am yet another of those who Googled the pronunciation query and came up with your site.
    It’s not quite at the top of the Google list, but it’s damn close.

    Thank you.

  357. My daughter’s name is Siobhan. I always thought it was a beautiful name. People who don’t know how to pronounce it always wind up saying “sigh-o-ban”.

  358. Thanks for the list of Irish letters. My grandfather, born in Ireland, was named Olaf, but it was spelled with 8 or 9 letters. He said German monks came to Ireland to teach the people how to write, not knowing that they already had a written language. (See the Book of Kells.) ‘These savages can’t handle 26 letters, so we’ll give them just 18,’ the monks said.

  359. My name is also Siobhan even kids in ireland were im frm have trouble wiyh it lol. i get si-o-bann alot which sucks. Also alott of shove on ur nickers ur das coming as a jokelol

  360. Love the name…found it on a soap opera..Yes no one can pronounce it BUT..it sure makes for great conversations. And then you get to meet Siobhan and ask How it is pronounced.

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