let’s see how long we can stretch this out

Surprise! There will be no migration this weekend. I have made a note to substitute “no, that’s not ok” everytime the folks I’m dealing with say “ok”. They are amazing, and do great work, but I think their management has trained them too well in the “customer is always right” department. We’re not. We’re a big bad company that is slow, stupid, and a couple years behind the times. Give it to me straight, don’t sugarcoat it, and tell me when things are not ok. I won’t crucify you for it, in fact I’ll thank you for sacing me from unpleasant surprises a few days later. That said, I don’t have to take my laptop and/or cel phone with me to Calgary, everyone gets the long weekend off, and I get a little more time to prep our customers and internal staff. It’s all good except for that little bit about the contract wall coming up. I still have wiggle room, and if it fucks up, I’m only out of a job.

Speaking of jobs, I really hope Mike knows what he’s (potentially) getting into, ’cause big software means big money, and all of the big software companies I know will clobber you if your ideals get in the way of their goals. Ya gotta do what’s right from the happiness perspective, and I hope where he lands gives him that. I empathise with him completely, and have very recently realized what kind of toll this stupid industry we’re in has done (I was just in denial for a looooooong time). Good luck man, and I hope it all works out.