taking stock

So I’ve been at this working out and getting fit thing for a while now, and it’s time to see how things are going. I started this iteration of remaking myself in August last year, and I have to admit, I have blown by any milestones I thought I’d achieve. In August, I was 234lbs (I’m 5’11”, and 234lbs is big in my books), and had a body fat percentage of 32.1%. I couldn’t run more than a couple of minutes without getting tired (I could ride a stationary bike for a while, though), and I wasn’t playing any organized sports. You could just call me el-lardo.

In September, I ran into my friend Ann, who remembered I was interested in playing ultimate the previous summer. She invited me to join her team for phauleeg, and I accepted. I sucked wind in a big way the first couple times out, but had an amazing time. I decided it was time to do something about my sucking wind, as I’m 35, and it’s starting to get to that do-it-now-or-lose-it-forever point. To complement the Ultimate, I started running with a group through a clinic that Kjell gave me a gift certificate for, and signed up for a membership at Glebe Fitness. That was all in September.

Today I am very proud to say that I am 192lbs, and my body fat is down to 21%. The goal is 185lbs, and a body fat of around 18%, and I plan on being there by race weekend. I can squat 220lbs, bench 150lbs, and run 20km without stopping or dying. It’s an amazing feeling, and the workouts and runs have helped me through an exceptionally difficult period of my life (hence the extreme lack of updates over the last four months).

One of the keys to success has been the personal trainer I started to work with in January. This was the smartest thing I could have done (well, that Sylvie convinced me to do, anyways). She has taught me how to exercise properly, runs programs with goals, encourages/motivates me, and is one of the nicest folks I have ever had the pleasure to meet/shoot the shit with. I highly recommend her, and if you are in need of a trainer’s services, drop me a line and I’ll pass you her info.

I’m in good shape, I fit in a pair of size 34 jeans comfortably, and need a new wardrobe. Kick ass.

I’d apologize for the self-flagellation, but I worked damn hard for this, and am proud of how far I have come. Jenn has set a target of 1:45 for the half-marathon in May. I know I’m gonna beat it.