grey haired changes

Today fell into the “good” category. I actually managed to get some things accomplished at work and, it being U.S. Thanksgiving, I took the afternoon off to watch football.

I met up with a bunch of the folks I worked with at Public Works Canada (now PWGSC) back when I had my own little consulting company in the late eighties and early nineties. There’s a lot of history with this group and the James Street Feed Company (which appears to be on it’s last legs and will be torn down and replaced with condos in the not-too-distant future), so that was the convergence point.

The Colts were playing beating the piss out of the Detroit Lions, so the focus was on conversation and cathing up with what everyone had been up to. I hadn’t seen some of the people there in over a decade, and it was really nice to see everyone (except Dean and Panich, who were “busy”).

A lot of memories were relived, and it was nice to see that beyond a little grey or lost hair, no one’s changed much. Daler is still a slacker, Greg is still a Cowboy’s fan, Roy still hasn’t figured out if I actually did any work while I was at PW(GS)C for five years (I did), Lewis is still an all-around nice guy, and Guy is getting out of the empty datacentre which we all know and love.

The only disappointment to Stokley’s 3 TD catches was that Harrison got the next 3. Matt, who I’m playing this week, has Harrison, so any advantage I get has been negated. Ah well, been that kinda FFL season.

The day was topped off with hockey, and I witnessed a very ugly meltdown on ice. The meltdown was strictly in teamplay, and reminded me of team yellow. We were down 3-0 with 5 minutes to go in the game. We hadn’t been able to buy a goal all night, and in one shift we turned it around and tied the game up at 3-3. Neither team could score in the last 3 minutes, and it was a satisfying end to the game. It’s the second week in a row I felt good about my play, so things are looking up.