It’s finding stuff like this that makes the interweeb fun to browse. Not so fun is realizing you’re a bit of a sick fuck for finding it really funny, and wanting one. I think I’ll be buying myself an early Christmas present or two. Threadless is a great idea – a place for designers/artists to peddle their ideas to folks looking for something off the beaten path without having to go somewhere like Canal Street. I like.

Also got around to ordering one of the most anticipated games to hit the Xbox this year. I haven’t used Amazon in ages, mainly because the offering in Canada doesn’t hold a candle to the US. We’ll see how the Canadian experience compares.

I’m looking forward to taking on and taking out a few friends in some online melees. It’s been a while, and fragging friends is so satisfying. Two more weeks, and then we’ll see how the Live service stacks up. In the interim, I’m hoping to play some Halo against z using Xlink Kai – here’s hoping the non-wireless approach will work.