happiness is…

  • diving for the disc on D, making the block, and watching the guy who thought he had a sure catch clamp down on nothing but air
  • calling for the disc, blowing the shoes off a guy half your age, and catching a nicely thrown hammer from a friend in the endzone
  • playing a team who drinks beer at halftime, makes jokes all through the game, and are all-around good folks
  • watching how far everyone’s come in a week, a month, a season, a year, and seeing positive results and attitudes across the board
  • losing a game, and still having a great time
  • not crawling off the field in agony
  • ice and ibuprofen, vodka and tonic

Tonight was fun. We lost 15-9, but it was one of those games that was totally enjoyable (for me, anyways). Here’s hoping my cold goes away, as I would like to get my wind – and the extra step or two that comes with it – back soon. Now it’s time for sleep, ’cause we’re getting back to Jen-o-cide tomorrow at 0700.