au revoir

Jim Caple says it best. With the NHL where it is today, and the MLB managing to hang on despite itself, my interest in pro sports is waning. Thanks for the sendoff Jim, you captured everything quite nicely.

To the Expos, a hearty farewell. It’s amazing what the players and coaching staff did over the last five years. I will always remember Staub, Raines, Wallach, Walker, Dawson, Carter, Reardon, that shit Pedro, and everyone else who made the team great in its time, and went farther than everyone thought they had a right to. Felipe and Frank deserve a lot of applause, too, as they continually did amazing things with a team that was designed to fail.

Good luck Washington, I hope you choke on them, ’cause you sure don’t deserve ’em. But hey, that’s the Selig way, ain’t it?