Q3 Ch-ch-changes

Well, my vacation is now over. It was a great few days, with some exceptional company. I’ll add more about it later, but today is the start of getting back on the horse (not to mention the third quarter of the year), which includes updating this thing once in a while. I’ve decided to make a few changes, and they all come into effect today.

First, there’ll be almost no booze for yours truly from now until Labour Day. I reserve the right to imbibe two alcoholic beverages per week, but am going to try and keep it below that from now until September 3rd. I have been drinking wayyyyy too much beer over the past few weeks, so working out combined with a diminished running regimen has made the battle against caloric intake vs. use break-even at best (and I’m being charitable on the break-even bit). Why is it that Canada Dry and Schweppes don’t sell their diet tonic in my neck of the woods, anyways?

Second, I finally listened to everyone and stopped running and playing Ultimate for a few weeks. I haven’t run or played since June 27th, and plan on keeping it that way until the 14th/21st of this month. Sucks, but I would like to be able to run pain-free again, and I suppose the only way that’s happening is if I take care of the damn thing by letting it heal.

Third, I’ll be taking the nutrition component of my training schedule seriously. This has been my biggest “oopsie” of late, with a few to many trips to Mickey D’s for a breakfast bagel in the morning. So, starting today, I’ll be planning meals, tracking everything I eat, tracking the calories I burn, and avoiding fast food & restaurants like the plague. Assisiting me with this tracking will be a great little program I stumbled across a couple years back. Check it out, it’s got a 30-day trial (but be warned, tracking this stuff can be labour-intensive and a royal pain in the ass).

Finally, I am getting back into investigating the job market. I’ve been where I am now for almost two years, and have very little to show for it in the way of personal development. I’ve learned how a hierarchichal management functions (it doesn’t), but beyond that I have had zero chances for growth in any direction. I’ve scheduled a meeting with my boss to discuss options, but I think it’s time to move on.

Those are my four changes I’m going to start making today. By making them I hope to drop another 20lbs., get to running 65km a week, and be well on my way to a new job/development path by the end of September. Nothing like aiming high, no?

Oh yeah, and I’m gonna complete that frigging email upgrade, too.