wow – that was surprising

Alrighty – the run went really well, and I feel great for the first time in ages. The calf is sore, but overall I feel really good. I managed to put 7.5k on my shoes in 25 degree weather and stupid humidity without dying.

I also took in the lovely protestors at the NAC this eve. I am assuming there were somy mucky-mucks there, as the nice, blue RCMP cars were everywhere, and every stairwell/entrance to the general vicinity of the NAC was blocked by unmarked vehicles. The protestors made a tonne of irritating noise with megahorns, whistles, and chanting. I’d hate to have been in the restaurant down by the water, as it was a nice evening spoiled.

Ah well, right to free speech and all that, especially with the election coming up.

Ahhh – all the chief mucky-mucks were playing with them… err… debating this eve. By all accounts, the master-debater (sic) was the Bloc’s rep. Well, they’ve always been pretty good at sniping, and really shitty at anything else (like, running the province). It’s good to see some tradition’s don’t die.