movin’ on down

Just got an e-mail from our Captain, and it looks like we’ll be dropping down to Tier 5. He received a note regarding how moving up and dropping down after the first three games will be made, and it goes something like this:

“The benchmark for moving up in this shuffle (as told to me by the other coordinators) is a 3-0 record with a +/- of at least +25. An 0-3 record with +/- of -25 or worse means that I will try to move you down.”

We’re 0-3 and have a point differential of -26 over those three games. I’d say “suck”, but I hafta admit this is probably a move in the right direction for our team. It’s disappointing because our team has the ability to compete, we just haven’t been terribly consistent from an attendance and effort point of view.

We’ll see how it goes on Wed in our new tier.