a day well seized

Today was a good day. In fact, today was an outstanding day. I thought about work for all of five seconds, then got down to enjoying the prefect weather.

I started with an 18km run with Sylvie, which took us on a nice route from Alta Vista up Main, over the Pretoria Bridge, down Queen Elizabeth past the tulip gardens to Dow’s lake, through the Arboretum, down to Hog’s Back, and back up the Ottawa River to finish off where we started. Syl wasn’t enjoying the first 45 minutes or so, but the last 70 or so were excellent. No wind, 12-14 degrees Celsius, and clear, blue skies.

Running was followed by shower number two for the day at 10:00 or so, which was a good thing for anyone close by.

James and I headed over to the Pump for some eggs bennie and it was excellent as always (although they forgot my damn side of bacon!). Food in the belly combined with the 2000-odd calories burned earlier conspired against me, and I snuck in a half-hour on the couch before practice.

We had our first Turftoads practice at Jacque Cartier park, and had a very decent turnout. I think everyone realized our first game was scheduled for Wednesday, and figured it might be a good idea to get some throws in. We focused on practicing Zone D and a dump-swing O, and had a fairly good scrimmage. I thought I’d be dead, but at the end of our two-hour practice I was the only one still bouncing around without sucking wind.

I ran out to dad’s place for a belated birthday dinner (mine, not his) and fixed his BBQ while I was there. We had an excellent Szechwaun dinner at the Rideau Restaurant in Kanata (highly recommended – really good, cheap food), with very spicy General Tao’s chicken, some really different veggies in the Buddha’s delight , and a good shanghai noodle mix.

I finished off the day with a visit with Robin, who is off to Thailand for a month in the next couple weeks. A nice chat over coffee is a great way to close off a kick-ass day. I tried to watch Pirates of the Carribean, but it just wasn’t happening, so I went to bed. Someday I may even clean my room.

Who knew I’d have a completely happy day? I think the key was thinking about work for all of five seconds before saying “fuckit”. 🙂